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Maximum Apocalypse

The Apocalypse is here! Choose your survivor and face off against Zombies, Mutants, Aliens and Robots,

Fae – nice game, shame about the board

Every so often a board game comes along which looks absolutely fantastic but where the game

For Glory: With Honour – A Rising Sun review

After the success of Blood Rage, CMON’s self-proclaimed successor to Risk, their latest release is Rising

Sneaking around in Space- Endure the Stars

Endure the ‘start I’m a massive advocate of Kickstarter, especially if it’s lining the pockets of

Avast ye landlubbers! Come about and play Dead Man’s Doubloons!

Pirates. Don’t you just love those dastardly sea-faring rogues? If you answered in the negative then

The Dr will see you – Cosmic Run Regeneration

Another Cosmic Kickstarter I’ve never made a secret of it, I’m a big fan of Dr

They see me rolling – Merlin Review

Certain names get certain reactions, and that is definitely true in the gaming world.  Reiner Knizia

Keep on running – Fugitive Review

I am a big fan of Tim Fowers’ game Burgle Bros.  It does so much that

Arkham Noir

We say Lovecraft, you say Cthulhu… I think we as a review group have bashed the

Hellas and Elysium

We’re gonna need a bigger… board? When Terraforming Mars was released what now seems a long