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10 games to liven up any party!

If you think about playing a game at a party, you might imagine it to be a too much ‘organised fun’. You’re probably imagining Monica from Friends trying to get everyone at her party to sit in a circle and follow the rules of whatever game she’d set up. This is not a fun scenario – definitely not what you want at a party!

But games at a party CAN be really fun – you just need to find the right ones! We think we’ve got the ultimate selection of games to get any party really swinging – here are our 10 favourites….

Liar Liar | GamesQuest

This game will work especially well if you’re a group of people who know each other really well. The cards will ask you random questions and you’ll need to answer them on the spot – then it’s up to everyone else to guess whether you’re lying or telling the truth. Cue hilarious explanations as you try and convince everyone you’re being honest! The more alcohol that’s flowing, the more chaotic this game is sure to become…

Murder Mystery Dinner Party Game | GamesQuest

If you’re planning on playing games at a party, why not go the whole hog and theme the whole evening around a game?  Murder Mystery parties are awesome – everyone gets to dress up and play a character for the evening, and it’s better when people really commit and take it seriously. There’s also the added bonus that one of you turns out to be the killer; will you track them down before they get to you?!

Mafia de Cuba | GamesQuest

Another role playing game, and one set within the Mafia of Cuba. You and your guests should start practising your best gangster impressions! Perfect for up to 12 players, you can all get involved and pretend you’re running the Cuban underground back in the 1950s – provide your own Mojitos and cigars!

Illegal | GamesQuest

This one is definitely adult only – no under-18s allowed to play here, so save it for grown up only parties! The premise of this game is that every player is some kind of ‘dealer’- the products you’re selling depend on your luck in the game. It’ll test your negotiation skills and definitely make you all laugh at the ridiculous situations this game throws you into.

Frustration | GamesQuest

This is one of those kids games that adults absolutely love getting the chance to play – just make sure it doesn’t ruin any relationships! The name says it all really, as this game will drive you nuts and definitely bring out your competitive side. The premise of moving pieces around a board should be simple, but in this game it just never is!

Scrabble Banter | GamesQuest

Scrabble, you’re a classic, but no one wants to play you at a party. What people will want to play is traditional Scrabble’s cooler younger brother, the Banter edition. No, it’s not The Inbetweeners’ style banter, but banter in the ‘back and forth’ sense. This game is electronic, and you speak your words on the spot rather than spelling them out. This is Scrabble with the stakes raised high!

Vudu | GamesQuest

This game may look like a more traditional ‘fantasy’ board game, but it’s more than that – its fast paced nature and crazy settings and characters mean it’s definitely more party ready! As long as someone stays sober enough to follow along with the rules, this is a great game for a group to play.

Scattergories | GamesQuest

This is one of those party games that you’ll have to put a limit on, or you’ll be playing over and over again all night! You’ll need to have your wits about you and put your trust in your team mates as you take turns in these quickfire word games – for example, on the spot, think of an item of clothing?! The most creative answer wins – we predict this one will get really loud!

Jenga Boom | GamesQuest

Jenga turbocharged – now if you make a mistake the whole tower will explode! This will get everyone’s heart rates going, as each turn is timed against a countdown detonator – if you don’t get your block out in the time, the whole thing will collapse!

Cat On Yer Head | GamesQuest

The best thing about this word game is that there’s no limit on the amount of players, so you can get everyone at your party involved at the same time. It also lets you set the rules as you go, so the more drinks consumed, the sillier it will get – which is exactly what you want from your party!

What games do people always love to play at your parties? Let us know with a comment!

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