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Let’s take you back to our youth -10 Reasons we all loved Scalextric

Remember Scalextrics? Those little cars brought so much happiness and excitement – whether you just had a few random cars or a whole track to race them round, they were the best.

Scalextrics are still being sold today, but now that kids have computers and other technology to keep them entertained, they probably don’t hold the same appeal. When we were little, they were the equivalent of an Xbox, and kept us entertained for hours!

There were lots of reasons Scalextrics were so awesome, but here are the top 10 reasons we all loved them:

  • They were cooler than regular toy cars

This is just a fact – Scalextrics were cool. Maybe it was the fact they were made out of metal, maybe it was their colour schemes, maybe it was the amazing adverts for them on TV – whatever it was, they were officially the coolest toy cars on the block.

Scalextrics | GamesQuest

  • How they moved

You didn’t have to constantly, manually move around a Scalextrics car. They had that cool mechanism that, when you pulled them back, let them build up momentum, and would then shoot across the floor.  Nowadays, an app on your phone would probably make a toy car move, but at the time, this was like magic.

  • You could collect different ones

One of the ultimate greatest things about Scalextrics was the fact that you could build up your collection over time. There was always that one child who had enough to fill a real life garage – but even your smaller collection was probably one of your proudest achievements. There was usually one colour that you REALLY wanted to get your hands on, and when it finally happened you were chuffed.

Scalextric | GamesQuest

  • You could get  Scalextrics accessories

Whether you had a basic track for your cars to race round or a really swanky racecourse with loops and ramps, adding to your Scalextrics collection with accessories was super fun. It meant the cars had somewhere to travel other than your bedroom carpet. It also meant that….

  • You always had something you wanted for Christmas or your birthday

“Dear Santa, I’d like the new Scalextrics race track and three new cars, please”.

  • You could pretend to be your favourite racing driver

Scalextric 2 | GamesQuest

In the days before technology, we had to make our own fun – yes, this did include pretending that our favourite racing drivers were, in fact, driving the tiny Scalextrics cars.

  • You could play with your mates

While you probably did spend quite a lot of your youth having one-person Grand Prixs in your living room, another reason Scalextrics was so great was that it wasn’t a solitary game. You could play with however many friends you had over, and no one would be left out.

  • They were perfect for transporting round

Scalextrics cars were so little, you could put them in your pocket. This means they were the toys that got taken everywhere – to school, to your grandparents’ house, to the park, basically wherever you went. Sure, this meant you mislaid a few cars along the way, but it also meant you had ready-to-go entertainment, wherever the location.

Scalextric | GamesQuest

  • You could swap them with your friends

Like all the best toys (football and Pokemon cards spring to mind) you could swap Scalextrics cars with your pals. Cue shady playground deals as you tried to negotiate your way to the best cars without losing the favourite one you currently had.

  • Your parents/babysitters didn’t mind playing them with you

One of the hallmarks of a truly excellent game is how willing adults are to play them with you. If the grown ups are on board, it’s good stuff. Parents and guardians never minded playing Scalextrics with you, so they must have been pretty awesome.

All this is making us wish we hadn’t let our mum tale our Scalextrics collection to the local charity shop! What did you love most about Scalextrics?

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