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15 games to keep kids entertained for hours this half term!

With half term coming up, most of you parents might be despairing about how to keep your kids entertained while they’re home from school. While we’re currently enjoying an early Autumn heatwave, you can almost guarantee that the moment the children leave school for the week’s holiday, the rain will start – leaving them (and you!) housebound and bored.

Never fear – In times like these, a game solves all your problems. Whether you’re after a board game for the whole family to play together, or just something for the youngsters to get on with while you’re busy, here’s our roundup of the best games for kids around right now…

Coconuts Duo | GamesQuest

You’ll have to be prepared to look under the sofa for any missing ‘coconuts’ after this game has been played! Ideal for pairs of kids aged 6 and upwards, this game depends on their aim as they fling the ‘coconuts’ into cups to claim them. Whoever has the most at the end wins the title of Monkey King (until the next game, that is…)

Horrible Science Blood & Guts | GamesQuest

You can play this game wherever you are, so it’s perfect for car journeys or days out of the house. This quick card game keeps little ones entertained for quick-fire rounds of questions of science questions, about bodies, blood and guts! A brilliant way to watch your kids get competitive about learning without them realising that’s what’s happening.

Disney Pictopia

If your children love Disney but you can’t face watching ANOTHER film with them, get them to play this instead. A trivia game that uses pictures so all ages can understand, your whole family can show off how much they know about Disney films, songs, characters and theme parks.

Looping Louie | GamesQuest

This awesome game is suitable for little ones as young as 4 – but we’re willing to bet some of the adults in the house will enjoy it just as much! Use your levers to keep the rotating plane in the middle of the board away from your farm and chickens – it’s very addictive and very funny!

Pictionary | GamesQuest

Pictionary is a classic for a reason! Being able to draw is more engaging than other types of ‘taboo’ games, and you can either marvel or be shocked at your child’s artistic abilities (or lack of!)

Guesstures | GamesQuest

Basically, turbocharged charades! The parlour game favourite is revamped to be lots more high energy, as you’ll all be playing against a timer. You’re kids will have to think quickly and act fast to win, and they’ll be worn out by the end – early bed times for everyone!

BrainBites Safari | GamesQuest

Just because the kids are out of the classroom doesn’t mean the learning stops! This game from the BrainBites range will make your children learn lots about animals and habitats, and is a lovely way to sneakily do a bit of educating at home while they’re still having fun.

Marvel Monopoly | GamesQuest

Monopoly is the world’s most famous board game, and your kids can spend hundreds of rainy afternoons pretending to be a property tycoon. If they’re fans of Marvel comic characters (who isn’t?), they’ll love this version – play as the characters and build your empire with their homes!

10 Days In The USA | GamesQuest

This is a super cute board game that will teach your children about the 50 states of America, as well as testing them on their organisational skills as they try to navigate their way across the US by various modes of transport within 10 days – not as easy as it sounds! The best bit? It’s easy enough for kids to get on with by themselves, so you won’t need to play with them!

Dinosaur Snap | GamesQuest

Everyone loves a game of snap – it’s amazing how this simple card game can cause people to get SO competitive! Snap is definitely a good way to while a way a few hours on a rainy afternoon, and if your kids are into dinosaurs, they’ll especially love this set of cards.

Boggle Games|Quest

Although it’s always a big hit with adults, getting children to play Scrabble is never easy – it’s a bit too lifeless to get them involved. That’s why Boggle is an awesome alternative. It’s still a word game, but it’s interactive and has a bit more of a risk factor that keeps little ones excited!

The Great Persuader | GamesQuestThis game is absolutely guaranteed to have everyone rolling about with laughter, so it’s perfect if your kids have friends over for the afternoon. Players (best if they’re at least 10 years of age) have to persuade each other to believe and agree to crazy things, while another player judges who’s the most convincing – what could be more fun than that?!

PenguinOpoly | GamesQuest

If your children find traditional Monopoly a little bit dull, introduce them to PenguinOpoly! This is a bit more child-friendly, as players collect the penguins they most like the look of rather than property, and each card has ‘Penguin facts’ to share with the group.

Get Bit | GamesQuest

This is a super fun way to test little ones’ number skills – what will motivate them to get the answer right more than the possibility of being eaten by a shark?! Whoever has the lowest value card in each round loses a limb to the Great White, until only one brave pirate remains and wins….Perfect for a group of up to six, and great fun for the whole family to enjoy.

Double Feature | GamesQuest

If you’re a family of film buffs, this is the game for you. An adult will need to be present the first few times you play as the rules can get a bit tricky, but slightly older kids will get it in no time. Cards will randomly state instructions –  for example ‘settings’ such as ‘New York’ or ‘genre’ such as ‘musicals’ and you’ll have to come up with a film that combines the two. Warning – this once can get very shouty!

If you can think of any other games that are guaranteed to keep the kids occupied over the holidays, let us know with a comment!

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