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8 reasons why Action Figures Are a Great Investment!

  • Action figures are worth investing in, proven by history and it is current today.
  • Try to buy special first editions.
  • Higher value quality figures have the greater chance of increasing your investment.
  • Do your research, what has already sold out overseas will sell in the UK when we get it.
  • Don’t dismiss heavily discounted figures they will raise in value when sold out.
  • Do not open the packaging of you Action Figure, keep it free from sunlight and dust.
  • If there is a price tag on it, don’t remove it.
  • If you see an unopened Action Figure in a car boot sale for £3 and recognize the manufacturer – well if it is was £20 note would you leave it there!!

Why You’ll love Collecting Action Figures…

Having bought and sold action figures for a number of years I’ve made numerous evaluations on collections, so I thought now would be a good time to investigate a little further and share how it could benefit you too…

A very special Christmas present

Several years ago my son was in a swimming club and one of the coaches there was a Star Trek fan. He had two daughters whom he had named after characters from the Star Trek series. I had a few Gencon Star Trek Phaser spare so I gave him one for Christmas and joked that it was the best Christmas present he would ever have.

The box stayed sealed and tripled in value

He really wanted to open it and see what it did, but I advised him to not to open the box and see if it would up in value and if it didn’t then open it. Shortly after I sold out of the phasers and every now and then he would ask how much it was worth. I stopped answering after it had tripled in value. In fact there was such a demand for the replica they produced a second edition, but it only increased the value of the special first edition.

It began at £1.25 and increased to…

So where did it all begin, well collectables and action figures have been around for a long time, but for this blog I only want to go back as far as Star Wars the first film. George Lucas pulled off a masterstroke of genius when asked for a huge percentage of merchandising rights for the film. His success and the knock on effect is history.

Forward 20 years later and a lady would find the original collection of star wars figures boxed in her attic and sell them at Sotheby for nearly £2000 each, remarkable since you see the George’s newsagent sticker tab for £1.25 on them. Today they go for even higher prices.

Star Wars Action Figures - GamesQuest

Star Wars Action Figures

It meant the world woke up to the collectable value of Action figures and associated film collectables. The industry is now massive and action figures are generated in fine detail, marketed for all tastes and genre. Films such as The 40 Year Old Virgin heavily featured the selling power of action figures and collectables stories are often featured in the national tabloids.

How to start making money…

So where do you begin! you have some funds and you are prepared to tie it up in an investment for a period of time, that is what an investment is right!.

Firstly do your research, read the relevant sites and manufacturers announcements for launches. But mostly visit the online collectables shops in the USA, see what has been sold out there. This is an important aspect in your speculation, some of the figures take some time to arrive on our shores, sometimes almost six months.  This means you can make a quick return on your investment as you will be shipping it straight back to stateside.

Great examples of how

There are two examples in my casebook to give. The first is Masters of the Universe Series 2 action figures. At the time I was recommended by my suppliers to take a case as they were impressed by the quality of the figures, I sold out in a week, all the orders went to the states.

The same happened with the next couple of cases even though I had increased the price until eventually I was lucky to have the last case and sold them for nearly four times what I had been originally selling them for. Yes nearly all of them went back to the States where they had come from. When I investigated the phenomena, it revealed that these figures had sold out immediately upon release. The UK suppliers quota was shipped and didn’t arrive until five months later.

Masters of the Universe Action Figure - GamesQuest

Masters of the Universe Action Figure

Eggzorcist Living Dead Dolls - GamesQuest

Eggzorcist Living Dead Dolls

The Next Bonanza

So as a retailer I was prepared for the next bonanza, but it was one I had to fight for and that was the 10th special anniversary Eggzorcist Living Dead Dolls. Mezco had announced that it would release these limited edition special dolls in a bunny outfit. Those released in the Americas would be wearing a black outfit, the Dolls released in the Oceania and Orient countries would have a yellow outfit and the figure released in the UK would be in a grey outfit. The UK was getting its own special edition, I had to have them and ordered forty two, there were six in case, the suppliers were only getting 300, it was big ask but I got the promise.

The pre-order quantity was filled with orders mainly from the States and Japan. Later my suppliers found a spare case that had not been allocated to anyone and I snapped them up. I listed them for an even greater price and they went to a buyer in Japan within a couple of days. The value of a full set of these figures is in now in the hundreds, if only I had kept those Dolls back a year or two.

7-14 Times more valuable in a few years!

Those were the days, I stopped trading a number of years ago, but continually advised Games Quest on acquisitions and trends. I am constantly asked to do evaluations by friends and acquaintances and I am stunned to see figures that I used to sell for £5 to £10 several years ago are now worth around £70.

Before I conclude this blog I want to point out two conditions that I have not covered above. Firstly is the new higher priced Action figures, these are usually statues, the industry had banded action figures, statues and dilemmas in the same category and from an investors perspective it doesn’t matter. But as with any investment the higher the initial investment the greater opportunity for rewards. Games Quest advertise a number of Megahouse, DC Collectibles and Play Arts figures these will have the highest quality detail and the price matches what you pay for.

In fact the impetus of this blog is that the other day I listed the DC Direct – Ame Comi Series 3 Heroine Mini Figures, saucy amine type poses of Hawkgirl, Supergirl and Powergirl at discounted prices and I thought to myself, you know what, if I invested in a set of these, I think I could make a return in my investment in a very short space of time.


Ame Comi Heroine Mini Figures - GamesQuest

Ame Comi Heroine Mini Figures



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Paul Matthews

Paul Matthews is a Sales Manager for Gamesquest Ltd, as well as a part-time Board game Demonstrator and Blogger. After several years playing Yu-gi-oh at Tournament level, his latest passion is all things board gaming. Besides playing board games, Paul is a part time author and enjoys reading and archery. Paul has a Degree in Humanities Psychology/Counselling and several Life-skill Degrees in Parenting, Horse Management and Ecommerce.