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Board Gaming Dairy of an Unrepentant Yugioh Player… Week 3 – Fleet Elite!!

After my original onslaught on the board gaming world, it has been pointed out that my game playing style might not just be down to Yugioh, but myself. Whatever the reason, I continue totally unrepentant of my ruthless gameplay and as they say in Yugioh – ‘Play to Win or go home early.’

Field of Glory the Card Game… An Elephant too Far!!! 

Field of Glory is a very much respected wargame, a complete miniatures tabletop battles game, so I was wondering if they really had to do this?

 Field of Glory Card Game - GamesQuest

Martin Wallace has a whole stack of well thought of games under his belt, as such Game Companies hire him to design games of the latest hit themes that they want to bring to the market.  Having said that Wallace is most known for his A Few Acres of Snow board game. I say this because although Field of Glory is very much a two player, war card game, the artwork is very much like A Few Acres of Snow.

Game play is quite simple and the games are pretty quick, while we waited for our third player to turn up to the gaming session we played Field of Glory about six times and after Martin left we played another four times, perhaps it was an Elephant too far, but it just shows how much we enjoyed the game.

 Field of Glory Card Game - GamesQuest

Build Your Army… Then Charge – from the Flanks Of Course!!! 

In Field of Glory you are dealt half the deck and you then draw two and choose one and continue until you have gone through all the cards, each card has a command value used to deploy your troops and each card has a combat value. Some cards work with each other, such as Elephants and archers and some cards have advantages or handicaps against other troops. This makes your army selection very important when going through the deck.

Five area cards are played on the table and these are what you fight over, the player with three controlled areas wins. The areas on the end are the most important because it allows you flank the next inner card, vastly improving your deployed troop  strength. If your troops lose, they are removed from the field.

 Field of Glory Card Game Cards - GamesQuest

Jace had sleeved the cards and with the amount of times we played it in a short session, I believe it was good choice, I can highly recommend the game if you are into wargames.


Fleet Elite… Fleet, Arctic Bounty and a Casino all Thrown In!!!  

Fleet Card Game - GamesQuest

A game of Fleet conjures up the most fun gaming sessions I have ever had, I could recount many, many sessions where players, myself included have laughed uncontrollably. I would say the game is now legendary in my mind. Just like Tom Vassel on Dice Tower will pick Cosmic Encounter for his gaming sessions as his number one game of all time, Fleet is the same for me. So after a year of playing like Forest Gump and harping on about Shrimp in a Southern Carolina drawl, (we also have Dom who can whistle over some words and will only buy cod, coz he sounds like Captain Birdseye), the expansion finally arrived and was  joined by the promo pack. Jace decided to play his Elite version, of everything thrown in.

 Fleet Card Game - GamesQuest

Get into a Role… It is Not that Hard – Really!!! 

This was Martin’s virgin game of Fleet and probably the first game where he experienced the, get into the role side of gaming. He couldn’t bring himself to do the Carolina drawl, so we allowed him to do the only other foreign accent he knew, which was an Englishman – not quite the same, but you have start from somewhere. The differences in the Fleet base game and that with the expansion become instantly obvious, where the original game would end when all the crates were used up or all the licences bought, the only win condition will be the crates with the expansion. With so many new licences for more fish and them damned Canadian Defence Patrol boats, you won’t be able to buy all the licences before the crates are exhausted.

 Fleet Card Game Cards - GamesQuest

What No Shrimp, Tuna, Cod Combo… What would Bubba Say!!! 

Another huge difference between the expanded and original Fleet game is loss of the shrimp licence – what no shrimp boy – you know what Bubba would say about no shrimp.  Don’t get me wrong, all the original licences are still there, including them shrimp, but in the game we played, we only saw a shrimp Licence the turn before the game ended! There are now licences for Car, Swordfish, Pacific Oyster, Canadian DFO and more premium licences. All the new licences have boat cards to add to the deck, along with tug boats and crew. The crew give you extra actions and bonuses, such as the Salty Captain which at a cost can captain a boat and double its crate holding. If you are unable to or decide not to purchase a licence, you take a Gone Fishing card, which can be used as two bucks or two victory points at the end of the game. The deck for drawing card is now enormous compared to the original game and when you draw, it could be a bit of everything and not just money cards and ships to launch.

 Fleet Card Game Action Cards - GamesQuest

Those Pesky Patrol Boats… Stealing My Catch!!! 

So in my first game of Fleet Elite, I got a bit lost, my previous combos with the licences were thrown out of the window and I completely under-estimated the power of the swordfish licence. Jace also got the Canadian DFO towards the end of the game and when you launch a patrol boat with it, it takes a crate from all the players, he had a handful of them and it was a case of rinse and repeat – very annoying. The casino from the promo pack was fun, you gamble on one of your crates with a dice, 4 or more you win more crates, 1 or 2 you lose all you won crates on the casino, a last gamble by myself got me 4 crates, but it was not enough. All in all it was a good game and repeat sessions will see if it is able to compete with original fun factor of the first game, but as a game in itself, it is much more tighter in game play and more balanced.

Eight Minute Empire… The Legends Edition!!

 Eight Minute Empire Legends - GamesQuest

Last summer GamesQuest heavily promoted this game, Nigel loved it and although I got to play Eight Minute Empire a number of times, I thought it was a bit basic for my liking. Yes, you could play this game in eight minutes with five experienced players, but its re-playability for me was lacking. I was much more inclined to play The Great Heartland Hauling Co., which is similar in style, but with far more options. Switch to a year later and the arrival of Legends, Eight Minute Empire’s revised and revamped fantasy version. There has been a lot of good talk about the game and with good reason.

 Eight Minute Empire Legends Cards - GamesQuest

Collecting Dragons… Far more Enjoyable than Carrots!!! 

Eight-Minute Empire: Legends is still an area control game where each player is vying for the same regions or territories, with the same mix of collecting set resources for victory points. However instead of collecting carrot or rock suites for victory points, the new fantasy set collections offer various added bonuses as well as victory points, and there are lots of variations to make each game different. Also added are encounters and the addition of citadels. As such the added variety and the fantasy theme make this a much more complete game and although it is possible to add the original game, I will be sticking to Legends for now.

Eight Minute Empire Legends - GamesQuest

It took a lot of persuading to bring Eight Minute Empire to the table, but in the end Jace and Martin really enjoyed the game and both would want to play it again. I spent too much time explaining how the game worked and what card did what, that I forgot to concentrate on the set collection and got completely left behind, in the end Martin secured the win with a good set collection.

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Paul Matthews

Paul Matthews is a Sales Manager for Gamesquest Ltd, as well as a part-time Board game Demonstrator and Blogger. After several years playing Yu-gi-oh at Tournament level, his latest passion is all things board gaming. Besides playing board games, Paul is a part time author and enjoys reading and archery. Paul has a Degree in Humanities Psychology/Counselling and several Life-skill Degrees in Parenting, Horse Management and Ecommerce.