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C.O.G- Dr Finn Does it Again!


Dr Finn…. Not a medicine woman

If there’s a name which is synonymous with awesome in the board gaming world, it has to be “Dr” Steve Finn. He has already completely knocked it out of the park with games such as Biblios (and Biblios Dice) and Slush Fund and is now Kickstarting his most ambitious project to date: C.O.G.

So what is C.O.G?

We all love a good abbreviation. It’s all about Cantankerous Old Gentlemen. Actually, wait… that’s the other blog I write for. Sorry about that. It actually stands for Cabinet of Gadgetry! But, that sounds almost as thematic as my first suggestion.

C.O.G is a tremendously imaginative lovechild between Worker Placement and the Sunday Crossword. The C.O.G (Cabinet of Gadgetry; come on, keep up!) has enlisted you and your fellow players’ help in constructing “The Great Apparatus”. It’s a device which looks like a steampunk version of Gru’s car from Despicable Me (and we all know that we’d want one of those) which is to be used for transporting the citizens of London about their daily lives.


So how do we go about helping the C.O.G? Well, I’m glad you asked! At the beginning of the game, each player is given a few different words to work towards, each of which is a pivotal part of the Great Apparatus (some examples are pipe and oil; you know steam transporting kinds of things). You’ll need to use one of the 4 cogs (workers) that you’re given to complete a variety of tasks. You can use them to snag a letter or 2 towards one of the words that you have been given, getting yourself a die to use to move around the board and activate other (mostly) useful bonuses, snatching a cabinet card which can also net you some useful perks (including free letters), and you can also use them to sneak yourself into the first player position to help you in the next round if you’re in dire need of being able to get ahead of the competition.

COG Setup

Whilst it sounds pretty complicated, it’s really not as crazy as it sounds. You can check out the rules here and a really good explanation video here.

A word game that cares little about words?

Another innovative thing about C.O.G is the fact that although it’s a word game, it’s really not. Most word games rely on you flaunting your extra large vocabulary (I’ll show you mine if you show me yours…), but C.O.G farts in the general direction of these games by being a game more about being able to manipulate your worker cogs in the right way to work for you and the glory of the C.O.G. Since the words are given to you at the beginning of the game, you’re working towards collecting the right letters to dominate your opponents and impress the C.O.G at the same time.

A Kick(start) In the C.O.G’s

I never had a doubt that something made by Steve Finn would be awesome and the project is now on Kickstarter. He has reduced international shipping (yay for me) and C.O.G is now available to be shipped to the UK for a paltry $5 and can even be coupled up with some of his previous games to sweeten the deal a little bit more.

KS Components

In case you’re wondering why I am extolling the virtues of this particular campaign… well, honestly I just want it funded so that I receive my copy. That’s it! You heard it here first folks, I am utterly selfish!

If you’d like to check out the campaign you can do so here, and I’d thoroughly recommend doing so:

If you want to go have a route through Dr Finn’s back catalogue you can do so here, but you’re only allowed if you’ve already backed C.O.G. What? I don’t make the rules!

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Chris Dunnings

I am just a regular guy that fell into board gaming. That's why I am no longer allowed in my local Toys R Us. I'm a huge fan of deckbuilding games and games with unusual themes or mechanics. OK, maybe I'm not that regular after all.

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