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Crossing The Streams

You can see our faces!

A lot of you lovely dedicated blog readers may not know, but we at Games Quest also have a Youtube Channel. As with the blog we have been working hard on bringing you content that we think you’ll love.

YT Logo

So, once a week we have arranged to do a live stream with someone in the board game business with a unique point of view. Please head over and subscribe to the channel so you don’t miss the content, but in case you do, I’ll be publishing a reminder and a heads up of what you have to look forward to this week.

So what delights do we have for you this week?

Well, we’re a moderately cultured bunch at Games Quest and one of our common interests is fantasy stories. In our humble opinion, some of the best fantasy writing ever put to paper is by Brandon Sanderson, and seriously if you have never read anything of his, that’s something you need to remedy that. (I’d recommend starting at The Mistborn Trilogy and working from there).


“What does this have to do with the price of fish?” I hear you cry! Well, recently, a board game company called Nauvoo Games have secured the rights to make a board game about one of Sanderson’s series of books called The Reckoners. It’s about a bunch of normal people which decide to become “normal” style Watchmen and take on the Super Powered elite.


We managed to secure a 45 minute chat with Brett Sobol from Nauvoo Games and live-streamed it for your viewing pleasure. Trust me, it’s really quite interesting so go and check it out. I for one and quite excited to see the release of the game.

See you next week.

Much Love!

Games Quest

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