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The Dr will see you – Cosmic Run Regeneration

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Another Cosmic Kickstarter

I’ve never made a secret of it, I’m a big fan of Dr Finn. He’s a man who just seems to effortlessly turn out really good games. If you’re not familiar with his work, it includes Herbaceous, the solo part of Sunset over Water, Biblios (prime and Dice) and the fantastic Cosmic Run series. That’s what I’m here to talk about today.

Dr Finn is Kickstarting the reboot of the orginal Cosmic Run. It shall forth be known as Cosmic Run: Regeneration.

I have to admit that I was a little late to the scene to be able to enjoy the original Cosmic Run, but I have put my money where my mouth is and have backed Cosmic Run: Regeneration as I know it’s going to be good. Let’s not also forget that you get free stuff if you back instead of waiting for retail.

At the moment, that’s an expansion with allies for the players which will give them special powers to use throughout the game.


What’s it about?

Good question person in my head.

In Cosmic Run: Regeneration, Earth is gone and now there’s a race for each earth surviving team to find the best hospitable planet for us as a species to move to. You can do this by moving the quickest and reaching the planets before you compatriots, recruiting aliens because… recruiting aliens or collecting infodere tokens; all of which will net you victory points. Needless to say that the team with the most victory points wins.

Great! How do we do this stuff Chris?

Wow, head person, you’re being really helpful today.

First things first, the planets you’re aiming for in Cosmic Run: Regeneration are being hit by meteors all the time. 3 meteor hits and Boom Goes The Dynamite and it ends up looking like Alderaan.

At the beginning of each round you find out which planets are going to be hit and then roll 6 dice. The dice are then assigned to one of 3 actions. Place them on a planet to move towards it, place them on an alien card if you’re hoping to go all Mass Effect in your game or assign it to tech card to net yourself some sweet crystals.

If you assign your dice to an alien on your turn, then you’re recruiting that alien and it will give you turn changing benefits which can allow you to manipulate the dice and other bonuses.

If you use it to gain some crystals, then these can be collected and used to re-roll dice and even give you extra dice to use on your turn, so there’s some power to be had.

There are some rules about assigning dice to planets and that kind of thing, but it’s probably not going to help you for me to go through them all here. Instead, check out the rulebook here.


Should I back it?

Well, moot point for me since I have already backed it. I think Cosmic Run: Regeneration is going to be great and I have seen the pedigree which comes before it. However, you don’t have to take my word for it. If you check out the Kickstarter Page then you can have a look for yourself about whether Cosmic Run: Regeneration is worth your time.

Now I’ve been thinking about it so much I’m going to have to go and play Cosmic Run: Rapid Fire as a small consolation that I don’t have a cop of Cosmic Run: Regeneration yet. You can fully expect a full review once I have my hands on it though.

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Chris Dunnings

I am just a regular guy that fell into board gaming. That's why I am no longer allowed in my local Toys R Us. I'm a huge fan of deckbuilding games and games with unusual themes or mechanics. OK, maybe I'm not that regular after all.

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