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Dragonscroll – Building an Epic Tale

Dragonscroll Board Game BoxAre you sitting comfortably? Then we’ll begin!

In a time long ago, in a land before technology, there was a scroll – a scroll of olde, a scroll of dragons! The legendary Dragonscroll!

Chronicling the deeds of only the most epic of dragons the fantastical Dragonscroll details the fall of knights, the defeat of great wizards, battles with both elves and dwarves and the consumption of the odd goat or two!

Our Story Begins Where all Good Stories Do… The Beginning!!!

For those of you who know nothing of Dragonscroll, then let me introduce you to the 2014 Fragor Games release!

Fragor Games is a company based in Scotland and owned by the brothers Lamont (Fraser and Gordon). Many people – even avid board gamers – may never have heard of Fragor Games, but I suspect that you’ve probably heard of one of their games!

Each year – team Fragor head out to Essen in Germany to sell their annual, limited run, release. There’s always a massive demand for their latest title and if you take a look at some of the amazing components and intriguing mechanics used in them then you’ll see exactly why they attract enough attention to sell out within hours!

Check out some of the following games for an idea of the previous titles created by Fragor Games.

So, with the history lesson over, let’s take a look at the 2014 Fragor release!

What Does Dragonscroll Bring to the Table??? A Flaming Tower of Doom!!!

As I said earlier, Fragor Games are best known for producing fantastic components and interesting mechanics. Dragonscroll does not differ from this mould!

Dragonscroll FiguresWithin the large, dragon-proof, box* you’ll find a tile-laying game with some interesting twists. But more specficially you’ll find the following components:

  • Beautiful handcrafted figures
  • Large tiles
  • Action Cards
  • Quest Cards
  • Wooden Goat Meeples
  • Dwarf and Elf Meeples
  • Orc Cubes
  • Knight pawns
  • Wizards and their cards
*Warning! The Dragonscroll box may not actually be dragon-proof… Please keep away from real dragons!

Aside from the components already mentioned, there’s also the giant flaming tower of death – Yes, you read that right, the Draongscroll box contains a flaming tower of death! In fact, this cardboard tower provides the most unique combat mechanic that I’ve ever seen in a board game! Which involves dropping great balls of fire and a blocker ball into the tower. When I say balls of fire I literally mean balls, wooden balls that represent the fire balls belched out by the little dragon characters in the game.

Seeing is believing… Take a look at this!!!

OK, I could write at length here, explaining how you play the game, and trying to show you the components with the odd photo, but I think that Dragonscroll is a game you really have to see properly to believe. So, if you like the idea of taking on the role of a little dragon and blasting fireballs across the land then check out my video review below.

Most stories have a happy ending, but does Dragonscroll?

Thankfully, the beauty of the Dragonscroll components isn’t just a façade. Underneath all of that makeup there is an enjoyable game. I’m a huge fan of tile-laying games and Dragonscroll uses that mechanic in conjunction with some interesting new components and combat mechanics to draw you into its world. In fact it’s not often you’ll come across a tile-laying game that, out of the box, comes with as many different elements as Dragonscroll does.

Dragonscroll is a game that will appeal to gamers of all ages. The bright colours and gorgeous little characters, tied with the flaming tower of death and wooden fireballs, will attract the kids. Whereas the combat, rescue, and hidden agenda elements will appeal to the older gamer. I’ve heard people saying that the price tag is too high on Dragonscoll, but I feel that ultimately you get what you pay for when you buy a Fragor Games title. Just take another look at those hand-crafted figures, the tower and the fireballs. How many games can you think of with better components at a lower price point?

Ultimately, there are many reasons why Fragor Games sell out of each game they produce. For a start they only do a limited production-run and once it’s gone it’s gone. But secondly and arguably more importantly, they make their games fun! From the interviews I’ve watched with the Lamont brothers they are both a pair of fun and excitable gamers who produce their games for the enjoyment they bring and I believe Dragonscroll has not let them down!

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Tom Randell

Driven Instructional Designer by day, board game fanatic by night! Tom has a long background in eLearning design and is a strong believer that story and narrative are crucial to creating excellent learning and gaming experiences. A passionate blogger, game reviewer and play tester, he enjoys spending his time playing games of all genres.