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Family Game to Play at Xmas and Why?…..From a Games Seller!!

Board Gamers Dream Job…..If Only I had The Time

Owning and running a board game retailer would be to many a board gamer, as they often mention, a dream job.  Imagine all those board games at your disposal, to play and enjoy at your very whim!  Oh Ladies and Gentlemen let me tell you, it is pure torture.  Time is a great stealer and running a business even more so, especially with a wife and two kids as well!

Having a Board Game Geek as a Friend….Means I play the Best of the Best

So many great and wonderful games pass by my desk, most of which I will never have the time to play.  However life is not that dull.  As one my earliest customers which I was lucky enough to meet, Jon Bruton, is a collector and board game fanatic.  To this day I have not met anyone with as much knowledge of board games than Jon.  With a garage full of top games from the last 30 years, Jon’s collection is to the say the least, impressive and I have been introduced to some of the classic children’s and family games.  My family and I, as well as subsequent visitors would never have been introduced to the delights of Loopin Louie if not for Jon.

Jon has taught me that you do not have to be a “serious” board gamer to introduce family and friends to the delights of card and board gaming and that there is a life beyond Monopoly and Uno.

Best Family Game at Xmas…..Co-operative Games Rule!!

I have played many games over the last year and sampled everything from simple cards game to full blown WW2 Table Top warfare.  However for me the stand out family game to play at Xmas would have to be Pandemic.   When playing a game with family or friends  who are perhaps irregular gamers. There is nothing better than a co-operative game to bring you all together and for value for money, there is none better than Pandemic.  Easy to play, but challenging enough so that everyone will have to work together, using the skills of their chosen character to save the world from a variety of plagues.  What I love about Pandemic is that just when you think you have the game licked, it can turn into a complete disaster within a matter of turns.  It has that sense of impending doom at all times and has a real spirit of collaboration between the players.    

pandemic board game - GamesQuest

Your Best Board Game to Play at Xmas and Why….I Laugh So Loud!!

So to play a proper game with experienced gamers at Christmas, who would not veto any of my choices and would be delighted to play, with gusto and enthusiasm….  It will never happen!

starfarers of catan board game - GamesQuest

If that opportunity did arise I would have to plum for one old and one new and give them a choice.  Starfarer’s of Catan  is such a superior version of Catan and providing the gamers have a sense of humour it is atmospheric, funny and great to play.  The new one would be Terra Mystica.  Close to being my game of the year it is utterly superb, a game of many layers and diversity.  It is actually simple to play, yet complicated in the fact it has many choices or angles to progress, depending  on the strengths of the particular race you play.

Cantan Board game - GamesQuest

Your Game of the Year and Why….I Punch The Air!!

This is difficult only because there are many types of games from Card to Board to RPG.

Starter Card Games – There have been some fantastic games this year, Hanabi, Kakerlaken Poker  and Nosferatu being high on the list. However, having recently played it prior and at Insomnia, Fleet has eclipsed them all and we will be stocking this in high numbers next year.

Fleet Card Game - GamesQuest

Board Games  – Again, there have been some great highlights this year,  Zombicide, SeasonsMarvel Legendary and Terra Mystica. Yet Pathfinder Adventure Game takes it for me. I can remember vividly playing solo, it was approaching midnight, two turns left, and fours encounters to go. I had to pull and defeat the main villain in one of those two turns to win the game and the final encounter of that particular adventure.  As you have probably guessed, I did it and found myself alone at midnight, punching the air!  Any game that can have me do that and play co-op and solo, wins it for me.  Pathfinder has a wonderful air of RPG, Board and Card Game flavour, is atmospheric and has character development for great replay-ability.

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game -GamesQuest


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