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It’s a FARCE! – A Kickstarter Preview

Warning: This review contains words or phrases that may cause offense and is intended only for mature audiences.

Farce Box

Quick! Hide the kids!

Anyone who has ever read my previous reviews would know that I always aim to keep my reviews family friendly. Not this time. If you’re reading this with a little one, then send them away. This is not for kids under the age of 18.

Are they gone? Good.

Now, despite having a rapier sharp wit (coupled with a huge amount of modesty), I also try my hardest not to offend people. But not this time!

If you’re easily offended then you might want to go somewhere else and come back for the next review. It’s OK, I still love you. We’ll keep this between us, and no-one has to know.

Right, still here? Good. Are you sitting comfortably? Good, then I’ll begin.

What is Farce? Farcical…

Since the dawn of time we humans have been getting together and making fools of ourselves and each other. Back in the days of cavemen they would all get around a fire, over-eat, and then decide to go and paint on cave walls in a version of caveman pictionary (not actually proven). Then we managed to make alcohol and that changed everything. We developed things like charades where you would say something like “3 words, sounds like…” and then promptly fall over. “Sounds like… passed out?”. Thus the party game was born.

Which brings me nicely to the job at hand. Farce is a party game for people with questionable morals and equally questionable humour… just like me really. Farce is arguably THE MOST easy to learn party game I have ever seen. I was given access to the print and play since it’s not on Kickstarter yet and the rules are only one page long. That’s it. One page! Even the slowest witted of my gaming group managed to pick it up straight away and we were off and abusing each other in no time and I think you’ll be doing the same too. You’ll notice little nuggets of wisdom from Farce all the way through this review to give you an idea of the silliness which will ensue if you back the game.


Fruit cakes always name their phone The Titanic, just so they can tell their friends the Titanic is syncing

In Farce there are 3 different types of cards: Words, Fragments and connectors. Each player is dealt 3 word cards, 3 connector cards and 6 fragment cards. One player gets to volunteer as the dealer and also the judge. Every other player has to try and make the funniest sentence they can muster with the 12 cards available to them. There are also wild cards which you can use to aim these sentences at any other player. Your mate Dave for example, since everyone has one. Once every player has played their sentence then the judge decides which sentence was the funniest and you win yourself a farce point, and the person with the most Farce points at the end wins.


Disillusioned illusionists find spiritualism through French Fries and Scientists

For me, this was where Farce shines out from other party games of a similar ilk, it gives you a lot more freedom for creativity and outright dodgy humor. For example, in Cards Against Humanity, you get a choice of only one starting comment and one response, Farce has several of each. To give you an idea of the kind of thing you have to look forward to I dealt myself a random hand of cards while writing this review to generate some of the things you could come up with in the game. I say could as there is a metric tonne of different cards all with different ideas on them. *last chance to make sure the kids aren’t reading* Here we go, let the farce commence:

Leonardo DaVinci loves a good sausage. (I did think about extending it further but it tickled me more not to)

Your mate Dave has an addiction to strip joints and heavy gambling and also has a cunning plan to win the no-bell prize this year with a design for a new door knocker

I picked a few extra at random which really made me chuckle and pictured them below. Also, I really really need an excuse to use the words “flappy vulva” in a real life conversation now. Thanks Farce!


Pictured below are some of the really cool ones we had come up while playing:


 Cheerful cheerleaders can never get their tongue around flatulent models


 “The nervous people of Dildo (Canada) are considering charging insertion fees”….


Tree hugging outgoing introverts use the in out, shake it all about method as their preferred method of birth control

Is Farce a comedy or tragedy?

I can unabashedly say that I had a whale of a time playing Farce, and I wasn’t even drinking. I have always liked games that don’t take themselves too seriously and this is definitely one of those. It might be counter-intuitive to the party game genre that you actually have the opportunity to make high brow intellectual jokes as well as a good old fashioned dick joke, and for them both to be really funny, but it’s totally possible in Farce. Obviously, you’re always at the whim of the judge but as far as I am concerned if the sentence you knock together makes you laugh then it’s a winner.

I’m not entirely sure of the exact breakdown of the amount of each cards but I’d say that around a third of the deck are word cards (also including the 22 wild cards), the other 2 thirds are fragment cards and a very small amount (maybe 20) are connector cards since they have so many options on them and are used to make sentences sound normal. Because there are so many words and connectors it covers an almost obscene amount of topics, from current affairs and politics, mocking people for being stupid (there’s always a place for that after all), and good ol’ fashioned fart jokes. It also means that a lot of the time you’re able to make a sentence which makes sense and pokes fun out of something or someone. That being said, I think points could be up for grabs for utter nonsense sentences too, but that’s down to your judge.


Beethoven’s ghost decided not to get a brain transplant but then changed his mind although desperately wants to know the meaning of life which he thinks has something to do with pigeon fancying

There’s a tremendous amount of replay value in Farce because a lot of the options on the cards can only be used once, so even if you get dealt the same card more than once then the alternate options on the card will give you something completely different to say, and this is the same for virtually all of the cards. In fact, there are 568 cards in the box and several of them have more than one thing to say on them. We played for a good couple of hours and got through 2/3rds of the fragment cards so you get a lot out of the box. You could also make completely different phrases out of all of the examples I have included to be a little more risqué than the ones I used should you wish.

I also loved the fact that you play for the most amount of points so you can play for half an hour or several hours if you wish (but you do need a pen and paper to keep track), or if you don’t care much about winning, you can mess around with each other for a couple of hours and make some silly outlandish sentences in the process.

The only issue that I had was not really one with the game itself, but more because it was a print and play copy. I didn’t have enough card to be able to print on sturdy stock so we played with paper cards. Although, I think that says quite a lot for Farce’s gameplay since we had great fun and didn’t even have proper cards. Who knows, maybe I can swing myself a copy once it’s printed.

This is a game for adults with a good and morally loose sense of humor. It’s certainly one which I’ll be hiding away from my children, but that doesn’t make it a bad game. That being said, given some of the sentences I came up with I’m beginning to wonder if I actually am a bad person.

In closing, You should back Farce, I certainly will be.

If you’d like to check out the creators website and download the print and play for yourself then follow this link. It will also keep you informed as to when the Kickstarter project will go live:

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I am just a regular guy that fell into board gaming. That's why I am no longer allowed in my local Toys R Us. I'm a huge fan of deckbuilding games and games with unusual themes or mechanics. OK, maybe I'm not that regular after all.

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