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GamesQuest at the UK Tabletop Creators Networking Jam

Hello Gamers,

This is a very special news announcement to let you all know about the fantastic upcoming event, the UK Tabletop Creators Networking Jam. Its a great event designed to bring together all parts of the UK gaming industry, to allow for greater collaboration and a greater benefit for all of us.

What’s the UK Games Industry Like Right Now ?

The UK Tabletop Industry is booming and indie publishers, reviewers, illustrators, writers, playtesters and all sorts of creative types are popping up all over the country. The biggest hobby games convention of the year, the UK Games Expo, has exploded in size, with tens of thousands of hardcore and casual gamers making their way to Birmingham every year for what is becoming a cultural paradise for board game enthusiasts. UK-based indie publishers are churning out consistently high-quality projects on crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter, with examples such as Lab Wars, Downsize and Statecraft, all with astonishing amounts of funding, and only more to come!

If its so Great then Why do we Need a Creators Jam ?

Although the market for games in the UK has never been better, there’s still a long way to go. With other big markets like the USA dominating the discussion with coordinated reviewers, publishers and events, it is time for UK creators to work together to build our community even further, and ensure that our creators connect with each other to build up each others work. As the demand for games increases in the UK, our publishers, designers and reviewers don’t need to compete with each other – we can instead all benefit from working together, by promoting each others work, helping each other to develop our products and providing the basis for a solid, professional community of creators right here in the UK.

tabletop creators networking Jam

Whether its new content for reviewers to absorb and write about, or a new way for indie publishers to promote their project, collaborating and coordinating will enable a more efficient growth of our industry, and a speed up in the development of our community’s projects. Right now conventions are a great way to meet new contacts, but are always a haze of demo games, sales and pitches; coordinating our industry’s creators better will mean we can all get the best out of the experience, and can offer convention-goers a better time, with better access to the fruits of our industry.

So Where & When is the Creators Jam!?

This is what is hoped to be achieved with the ‘UK Tabletop Creators Networking Jam’, being run at Inside the Box Boardgame’s new permanent office in London. You can register for the event using eventbrite, and you can stay updated by following the Facebook event. Representatives from the many corners of UK tabletop industry are being brought together to make our industry even more organised and exciting! The Jam will be hosting workshops, talks and activities that bring all of our creators and industry professionals together to work on, discuss and engage with a variety of topics. The idea is that by the end of the Jam, everyone will know who to go to for each piece of the puzzle in bringing a game from scraps of paper and an idea to a glossy feature on a hobby store shelf, and have fun while they’re doing it!

There’s a huge amount of talent in the UK Tabletop Community and the purpose of the Jam (and its successors) is to engender collaboration, connection and cooperation between UK-based Tabletop content creators, from publishers to podcasters, so that everyone is making more, and better content!

GamesQuest In Attendance!

We’re incredibly excited about the Networking Jam, and we’re very proud to be presenting there as well. We have been enabling fulfilment solutions to budding boardgames for a while now, and we’re very passionate about growing our gaming community and industry right here in the UK, and enabling our creators to bring their games to a worldwide audience. As such we will be presenting at the Networking Jam about fulfilment and logistics, and how to get your game from manufacturing to customer with ease. Don’t go running your first Kickstarter unprepared, make sure you know what to account for, and find out how at the Networking Jam.


See you there!!

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