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Gaming Dairy of a Gameseller… Weeks 11-12

Rise Sir Knight and… Do Battle with the Darkness!!

With seven players, Shadows over Camelot was finally dusted down and thrown to the hungry lions. After watching Wil Wheaton’s game on Table Top, I have been wanting to play Shadows for a while now.  From talking to fellow players it is very much a marmite game, but I had a feeling I would be in the “love it” camp.

Shadows over Camelot is a co-operative board game with a hidden Traitor element.  Someone is the bad apple and it will be their job to help destroy Camelot and bring King Arthur to his knees!  Unless of course King Arthur is the conspirator and he will bring everyone to their knees! Each Knight has a choice of several actions per turn to destroy the dark army forces, mostly catapults, completing quests or performing special actions.  Each Knight also has a special skill to use.

Shadows over Camelot Board Game - GamesQuest

Even with Seven players Shadows is a fairly fast paced game and like most co-op games, it requires players to work closely together in order to succeed.  The theme of Camelot does create an atmosphere and the entertaining banter ensues.  However, the hidden role did not seem to work for me, as well as in other similar games, such as Panic Station, Battlestar Galactica etc.  It seemed pretty toothless and Matt who revealed himself could do very little to effect the course of the game, but pretty much had to rely on the game itself to try and defeat us, I have been informed by experienced Camelot players that after a few plays it’s people know what they are doing it’s hard to defeat the traitor!

Which with my deadly knightly skills he failed to do!!  Shadows over Camelot is an enjoyable and fun game, but for me lacked that “bite” that this type of co-op game should have.  However that could be down to the way the game played out.

One to play again me thinks  7.25 for me.


Qwixx….  Victory at last. 

Qwixx is one of starter games of the year and after 10 or so attempts I finally tasted the delights of Victory!  Woohooo!


Table Top Day….Gone Fishing with Fleet!!

Unfortunately with my wonderful wife away on a course for most the day, I also only able to get to Solent and POB table top day in Portsmouth for the last couple of hours.  However, it was just enough time to introduce some people to the delights of Fleet.

Fleet Card Game - GamesQuest

The real delights of Fleet shall be revealed when I report on the board gaming sessions at Insomnia, but for all those beginners of Fleet, when Bhopa says he gotta buy himself some Shrimp, then you listen and buy yourself some Shrimp.   Fleet is a very cool card game of building your fleet of fishing ships and scoring the maximum points.  I really like Fleet and if you actually do some role-playing it’s even more fun!

8 of 10 for more!


A Howling Good Time…Ultimate Laughs with Werewolf Hunting!!

A group of players finished off the event with a game of Ultimate Werewolf.  I have played Werewolves of Miller Hollow, but having sold bucket loads of Ultimate Werewolves, I was intrigued by this newer version , so jumped in along with about 13 others.  For those that have not played this type of the game before, well it’s really good fun and you should give it a go.  It’s a game of complete hidden roles.  You will either be a Villager, a Villager with special powers or a werewolf – the object of is for all the werewolves to kill the villagers or the villagers to kill all the werewolves.  Simple!  Not quite so, each night the Werewolves get to kill a villager of their choosing and each day the villagers get to hang someone and hope it’s a Werewolf.  All in secret of course and controlled by a host!

 Ultimate Werewolf Card Game - GamesQuest

Ultimate Werewolf plays slightly differently from the Millers Edition, in the sense that there are more specialist characters, including the Werewolves.

Ultimate Werewolf can only be described a good fun party game to play.  I was one of the last villagers remaining alive, but ended up nailing the wrong person and the Werewolves won out!  Ultimate is as good as Miller’s if not a little more chaotic!

7.5 for me! 


Board Games

1. A Study in Emerald 8.75 (2)
2. Robinson Crusoe 8.50 (3)
3. Nations 8.0
4. Neue Hiemet 8.0
5. Betrayal at House on the Hill 8.0
6. Battlestar Express 7.75
7. Winter Carcassonne 7.5
8. Concept 7.5
9. Firefly 7.37
10. Shadows over Camelot 7.25
11. Libertalia 7.25
12. Speed Circuit 7.25
13. Lewis and Clark 7.0
14. Founders of the Empire 6.5


Card Games

1. Fleet 8
2. Among the Stars 7.75
3. Boom Town 7.75
4. Kings Under Mountains 7.5
5. Splendor 7.5
6. Eminent Domain 7.25
7. Race for the Galaxy 6.5 (2)


Starter Games

1. Cockroach Poker 8.5 (2)
2. Nosferatu 8.25 (3)
3. Qwixx 8.0 (9)
4. Something Different 7.75 (3)
5. Ultimate Werewolf 7.5
6. Kaa-Boom 7.5 (2)
7. Walk the Plank 7.0
8. Banjooli Xeet 6.5
9. For Sale 6.5
10. The Bot Card Game 6.0


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