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Gaming Dairy of a Gameseller…Weeks 6-8 Rumble In Jungle Revisted!!

The combination of my birthday holiday, work and domestication has curtailed my ‘full on’ gaming regime.  However, the last three weeks still sees me play a massive and diverse range of games!  With both something new and old, so here comes the big catch up!

The Battle of the Bots… The Stak Bots Card Game!!

A simple card game with a Bots theme, where you seek to destroy your opponent’s deck of bots. Each player starts with deck of bots and can draft more during their turn.  Each bot has and attack strength and health or special ability or both.

A reasonably enjoyable and fun starter game, though a little dry for my taste an ok 6/10 for me.

Stak Bots Card Game - GamesQuest

Robinson Crusoe… the Rumble in the Jungle re-match!! 

As you will have seen from previous weeks, we played and conquered this much vaunted co-op game.  Subsequently to discover that we had not played correctly, having played certain skills more than once per turn.  Well we could do it again surely, not a problem!  Well we discovered just how tough this game really is!  We never got close! I think I have some strategies to conquer this game,  but there are some tough lessons to be learnt.  Suffice to say Robinson Crusoe’s reputation of a tough co-op game, with oodles of atmosphere is very much justified.  I cannot stop thinking about Crusoe…  I have to beat it…  I have to…

A fantastic game…  8.5 for me!

Robinson Crusoe board game - GamesQuest

Banjooli Xeet… Animal Racing at Its Best!!

Let me sum this up very quickly, so that there is no misunderstanding…  It’s an Ostrich race, yes that’s right Ostrich!  You are dealt a card with the potential outcome of the race.  It’s your job to try and make that outcome a reality.  It’s fun and it a little mad, though for players who know before race ends, that they have very little or no chance of winning it, can be a very anti-climatic experience. Some of the guys loved this game and some hated it.  For me it was ok!

A cool starter game, that is a little different.  6.5 for me.

Banjooli Xeet board game - GamesQuest

Libertalia….  Ooo Arrgh, Pirates all aboard!!

I had heard that Libertalia was a cool atmospheric board game.  Well the board game drums were spot on.  A clever game of card management in terms of making your plays, based on what other players are doing and trying to max the timing of your cards.  It works.  The card types and their abilities give the game charm and atmosphere.  As far as pirates go, I would most certainly play it again, though I would still prefer Jamaica.

7.25 for me!

Libertalia board game - GamesQuest

Eminent Domain….  Better than Race for the Galaxy –  Honest!!

If you like Race for the Galaxy then you will love Eminent Domain.  As you will know by now I am not a big fan of Race for the Galaxy,  as I cannot seem to the fathom to chain of sequences of the paths for  victory.  Eminent Domain is a longer game and on a very similar theme.  I found it much more engrossing that RFTG, more enjoyable and easier to fathom.  Though both games are deck building, Eminent give you more control in terms of direction you wish to take, and less luck is involved.  Whilst RFTG has more variety, Eniment for me was much more enjoyable.

A very good sci-fi based theme card game! 7.25/10 for me!

Eminent Domain Card Game - GamesQuest

Among The Stars…  Build me Space Station…  With Gleaming Gun Turrets and War Rooms…  or maybe something else!!!

I always liked the look of Among the Stars after it was released at Essen.  This Diary will not do it justice, so we will definitely be getting a full review done.  Suffice to say, it has elements of 7 wonders, but this is not 7 wonders in space.  Yes you pick a card from your hand and pass the rest to the player next to you, the same process as in 7 wonders, however that is where the similarities end.  The object is to build your space station and score the most points.  I won with a military space station, but it was close, very close.  I really like Among the Stars, can’t wait to play it again.

7.75/10 from me.

 Among The Stars card Game - GamesQuest

Qwixx…Not just a So So Dice Game!!

I LOVE Qwixx…  Once again Mr Bruton comes up with another unknown game,  that is so simple, so easy, so compulsive, so re-playable and so enjoyable!  A simple dice game of four columns 2 x 2-12 and 2 x 12-2 with six dice.  Your task is to tick off as many numbers as possible.  However as soon you tick a number off, any of the preceding numbers are no longer available to you.  On your turn you can take a combination of white dice or white dice plus a colour dice, but you can only take 2 dice results.  Everyone else has an option to take results from the white dice roll.  Damn this game is so addictive!  What a starter game and not on general release in the UK!

A Superb starter 7.75/10 from me it would score higher, but it does lack complexity.

Playing Qwixx the Dice Game - GamesQuest

Boom Town…  There is only Room for One Mayor in this Town….  So sling your Hook or I will Dynamite your Mine!!!

Another timeless classic from the Bruton Library.  Boom Town is a simple card laying auction game with a western theme.  Your job is to become the richest town baron in the wild west .  You know what, for a fairly simple card game,  Boom Town is fairly complex in determining which strategy to take to victory!  Lee won the first game by hardly bidding and picking up the results auction money, which is divided amongst the losing bid players.  Collect your mines, but beware your opponents can tax you with Saloons or blow up the mines with Dynamite!  I love Boom Town, we played again straight away and Jon run away with it.  Boom Town is a hit with me, though I would not say it was a starter game!

7.75 for me!

boomtown card game - GamesQuest

Nations…  From the birth of Civilization to the Industrial Age….  Build your Empire!!!

On my monthly visit to the Portsmouth On Board crew, I was lucky enough to Jump into a game of Nations with Luke Hector, Jim and Jez.  I liked the look of Nations board game since it came in, but haven’t  had the chance to play or even read any of the reviews.

I have to say I am very impressed with Nations.  When playing Civilization building games, you want it to ooze atmosphere and Nations does not disappoint.  It is quite a simple game with multiple strategies and unique game play.  We took three hours to play the game, as some turns can lead to ponder paralysis, which unfortunately I did suffer from.

Each nation has unique starting abilities, a special skill or certain items to build or resources to collect.  Each turn you can purchase either Buildings, Wonders, Land, Leaders, Inventions, Go on Raid or Start a War.

I really enjoyed the resource management of the game and the diversity of which strategy to take, I was playing Egypt, with Luke Romans,  Jez Greeks and Jim Aztecs.  Myself, Luke and Jez went toward the warlike approach, whilst Jim went for the stability route which can offset the effects of Wars.  The Poor Greeks were left behind to eventually be destroyed and ground into the dust.  My Elephants dominated the early era of the War and protected me, however I quickly fell behind the points collection, as Jim’s resource engine with mass producing wonders stole the game.  Both Luke and myself rallied, but Jim ruled the world.

If you like Civilisation with multiple winning strategies, with oodles of atmosphere then Nations is one for you.

I really enjoy it and gets a whopping 8/10 for me.  Full review to come from Luke!

Nations Board & Card game - GamesQuest

Here are my games played so far this year under three categories.  Board Games, Card Games and Starter Games the amount of times I have played in brackets.

Board Games

Game Score
1. A study In Emerald 8.75 (2)
2. Robinson Crusoe 8.25 (2)
3. Nations 8.0
4. Neue Hiemet 8.0
5. Betrayal at House on the Hill 8.0
6. Battlestar Express 7.75
7. Firefly 7.5
8. Winter Carcassonne 7.5
9. Concept 7.5
10. Libertalia 7.25
11. Lewis & Clarke 7.0
12 Founders of the Empire 6.5

Card Games

Game Score
 Among the Stars 7.75
2. Boom Town 7.75
3. Kings Under Mountains 7.5
4. Eniment Domain 7.25
5. Race for the Galaxy 6.5 (2)

Starter Games

Game Score
1. Cockroach Poker 8.5 (2)
2. Qwixx 7.75 (6)
3. Something Different 7.75 (3)
4. Kaa-Boom 7.5 (2)
5. Walk the Plank 7.0
6. Banjooli Xeet 6.5
7. For Sale 6.5
8. The Bot Card Game 6.0
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