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Gaming Dairy of a Gameseller…Weeks 9 and 10 – Light the Beacon…We are Coming Home!!!

Robinson Crusoe… Light the Beacon!!! 

Oh yes, yes, yes…. Robinson Crusoe re-visited and finally conquered.  Three players is easier than four, not so many mouths to feed.  A more considered plan was developed and devised.  We would go the extra men developments where we could.  A large stroke of luck early on really helped, when Darren found the box with a treasure card which allowed us to preserve our food.   This bought us some much needed time.  Despite the fact we drew the characters from random, I once again got the Explorer.  I used this wisely by uncovering discovery tiles which kept us boosted up.  We succeeded to build the Beacon to summon a rescue ship!  I have to say I was really chuffed at our success with that warm feeling of accomplishment.  Robinson Crusoe just gets better for me.

8.75 this time around.

Robinson Crusoe board game gameplay - GamesQuest

Splendor….  My Gems, my precious Gems…. Give them to me!!

Splendor is a brand new card game from Asmodee.  At first glance you would be forgiven for thinking, ‘meh’ you know what, we’ll give it a miss.  That would be a mistake.  Splendor is a good game having a clever game mechanic, it’s quick and good fun.  Your aim is to accumulate 20 points from a variety of cards.  Cards can be purchased with different coloured chips or from equivalent colours on cards that you have already purchased.

You start with nothing, but can take either 3 chips of one colour each or 2 of the same colour (as long as there at four available in that colour). When your income stream is generated, you have two actions on your turn, take more chips or buy a card from the three with chip or combination of chips or income from purchased cards. The game ebbed and flowed and I was one green chip away from winning, when Jon stole the game!  My poor precious gems.  I would most certainly play this game again.  Not overly complex, but just enough.

7.5 for starters!

Splendor card game gameplay - GamesQuest

Speed Circuit…  The Birth of Modern Racing Games!!

When we have six or more players at Bruton’s Gaming Library of Alexandria, we tend to lean toward a good racing game.  This time Speed Circuit caught his majesty’s eye and an itch developed that simply had to be scratched.  The line up of experienced gamers was impressive “Bullet” Bruton, “Mad” Matthews,  “Dastardly” Dennis, “Wildman” Webb,  “At’Em” Adam and “The Kidd” Simon.  It would be two races to the death, the champion of champions.

Speed Circuit was published in 1971 and can be claimed to be the birth of modern racing car board games to the likes of Formula One, Formula D and many more.  Each player has five points to start with, spreading them out amongst Starting Speed, Acceleration, De-Acceleration, Top Speed and Wear.  The game is pretty straight forward, go like hell, keep the car on the road using all your skill.  Skill comes in the form of when to take corners over the speed limit, resulting in wear and when to make your move, also when you slip stream people for extra moves or when you go over the top and you’re at top speed and risk damage to your car, but on a roll of six on a D6 how likely would that be!!!!

The first race saw Bullet, At’Em and Mad lead the way with the Kid, Wildman and Dastardly bringing up the rear.  At’Em decided to push his car over the top and roll a six and again the next turn…  Mad smirked he did the same, surely not a six three times running…  You bet!  Bullet’s luck holds out again on the dice rolling, At’Em faltered and fell back to last, whilst the Kid burned through to take second, with Mad in third, Wildman and Dastardly scrambled for 4th and 5th.    The second race once again saw Bullet’s consummate skill and experience shine through for a double win, with Mad in second and At’Em in third.  It is obvious with Speed Circuit that when you have some experience of the game, you will know when to push your car and be able to work out two or three turns in advance, not getting too far behind.  It had a wonderfully authentic  feel and thoroughly enjoyable.  I could not believe how many Sixes got thrown on the D6, but then when you are up against the Bullet, it was always bound to happen!

A solid 7.25 for me!

Speed Circuit boardgame gameplay - GamesQuest

Qwixx…Just gets better and more compulsive!!

Last week you got to hear and see the delights of Qwixx.  Arrrghhh, such a simple game and so compulsive!  We introduced Mat and Lee to its delights and ended up playing three games.  Still not won a single game yet!  Bah!  Why it this game so gripping.  Yes it’s not complex, but what does that matter…

I’m giving it 8.5 this week!

Qwixx dice gameplay - GamesQuest

Nosferatu…Defying the Hunters before First Light!!

Nosferatu is one of my favourite games from last year’s Essen and I think it’s under-rated on board game geek.  A card game mixing tactics, bluffing, and team play, with the vampire and Renfeld facing off against the vampire hunters. At the start of the game, everyone knows who Renfeld is, and Renfield knows which of the hunters is actually a vampire (as he chooses how to distribute the character cards), but the vampire’s identity is hidden from everyone else. The hunters must identify the vampire and kill him with the ancestral stake before he can play five bite cards; if the hunters accidentally stake one of their own, then demoralized and weakened they lose the game.

The issue with all hidden role games is whether the actual mechanics of the game works, if the mechanics work, then players will do the rest.  In the case of Nosferatu this is mostly the case.  Whilst I would not say that it is better than say Panic Station, it is light, quick and very much a bundle of fun.  I got to play Renfield twice and in one game the Vampire.  Nobody wants me as the Vampire hunter with a stake in my hand, I have a fearsome reputation of staking early with a 90% hit rate!  Three victories again last night!  I own this game!  Nosferatu is a great game!

8.25 out of 10 for me!Nosferatu contents - GamesQuest

Firefly…  Like a leaf on the Wind, I returned to the Universe I Love!!

This was the second time I have played Firefly and once again, it was with some of the boys at the Solent Table Top group on their monthly board gaming night.   My first appraisal of Firefly has not changed, it is an engaging game that absorbs the player into the world of Firefly.  Even more so if you are a firefly fan, however there are some annoying holes.  We played with five players and for what it is, a five player game is too long.

Also the random factor of a player getting caught by either the Reaver or Alliance ship is very much down to luck, with very little opportunity to avoid or escape.  Alan’s dad twice had his whole passenger cargo taken by the Reavers.  I pointed out that I found it strange that a Reaver ship can appear from the other side of the ‘Verse  and steal your cargo and kill some of your crew.  Yes, but there are more than one Reaver ship was the response…  Yes, but not on the board!!  I like the results of what happens when the Reavers or the Alliance hit, but not how through the card draw mechanism, saying that I have really not thought what an alternative could be.  I won by a mighty margin, as the other players got far too absorbed in the firefly universe and not focusing on the overall goals set out in the starting scenario.  They were like leaves lost on the universal winds.   Would possibly score higher for me with a 3 or 4 player game!  NB – We played 5 players with the Artful Dodger Ship extra.

An enjoyable 7.25

Firefly Gameplay - GamesQuest

Here are my games played so far this year under three categories.  Board Games, Card Games and Starter Games and the amount of times I have played in brackets, the ones in bold are the latest games played.


Board Games

1. A Study in Emerald 8.75 (2)
2. Robinson Crusoe 8.50 (3)
3. Nations 8.0
4. Neue Hiemet 8.0
5. Betrayal at House on the Hill 8.0
6. Battlestar Express 7.75
7. Winter Carcassonne 7.5
8. Concept 7.5
9. Firefly 7.37
10. Libertalia 7.25
11. Speed Circuit 7.25
12. Lewis and Clark 7.0
13. Founders of the Empire 6.5


Card Games

1. Among the Stars 7.75
2. Boom Town 7.75
3. Kings Under Mountains 7.5
4. Splendor 7.5
5. Eminent Domain 7.25
6. Race for the Galaxy 6.5 (2)


Starter Games

1. Cockroach Poker 8.5 (2)
2. Nosferatu 8.25 (3)
3. Qwixx 8.0 (9)
4. Something Different 7.75 (3)
5. Kaa-Boom 7.5 (2)
6. Walk the Plank 7.0
7. Banjooli Xeet 6.5
8. For Sale 6.5
9. The Bot Card Game 6.0


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