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Gaming Dairy of a Gameseller…The Fifth Week and I Got Betrayed!!

Battlestar Express…On the Dark Moon!!

For fans of Sci-Fi and of secret faction games, the Battlestar Galactica Franchise board games from Fantasy Flight games were nothing short of a godsend.  A cool game of hidden cyclones, space battle and political intrigue.  The only downside to Battlestar Galactica is that it can take more than three hours to play, depending on the on the amount players etc.

However, if you like the game, but not the time to invest, there is Battlestar Express.  Which is pretty much Battlestar Galactica with a simple board and a bunch of dice.  Everything about this game says that is should not work, yet it brilliant. In many ways, I think it works better than the actual board game.  It is fast, furious and because of the dice mechanic, you get a greater sense of suspense and paranoia.  Players really might be not be a Cylon, they might just be rolling negative dice, which they are forced to put into the pot…  or maybe they are a feckin greased up, little pile of tin trash….

Yep they won.

Battlestar Express - Board & Dice game - GamesQuest

Battlestar Express was a free downloadable and make you own game, but the rights have been bought by Stronghold Games and they are due to release it shortly as Dark Moon.  Buy it.

Battlestar Express is an atmospheric game and scores a mighty 7.75/10 for me.

Dark Moon Game - GamesQuest

Betrayal?…Did We have to Go to that House on the Hill!!

This is actually quite a remarkable game.  A Classic!  Yes another classic from the Bruton library.   Betrayal at House on the Hill has that Cthulhu feel, but  it’s not really Cthulhu, but it’s bloody weird.  A bunch of intrepid investigators stalk the mansion to try and uncover it’s secrets and escape alive.

This twist of House on the Hill, is that a player will become a nasty monster and their mission will then be to kill or capture the brave adventurers.  On this occasion the honour fell to Darren.  He left the room to read (one of the 50 plus possibilities of) what he had become or summoned up and his gory task.

So picture this, we, the brave adventurers were miniaturised and had to somehow find a toy airplane and fly out of the mansion, before two giant cats devoured us…  It was all for one and one for all…  It was fun!  I mean real fun.  There are not many board games that can bring a real sense of roleplaying to the confines of the board, without it being an actual RPG themed game.  Betrayal at House on the Hill  succeeds.

This game works and does wonders for the imagination.  A whooping 8/10!

Betrayal at House on the Hill - GamesQuest

Portsmouth on Board

Concept & For Sale and luckily for me, Rob Williams down at the Portsmouth On Board club had pre-ordered it and timed the play with my monthly visit!  I got to play a game on pretty much the day of delivery.

Concept a game of abstraction - gamesQuest

Concept is a game of abstraction in the true meaning of the word.  A board is filled with various pictured tiles, depicting a whole host of clues.  Accompanied by the usual array of films or sayings, that the other players have to guess.   Now here is the unusual and difference to all those other abstraction games.  With the use of cube placement on the array of imagery you have present. there should be enough information available so that a player can deduce what is on the card.  Points are awarded to you and to the player who got it.

I have to admit I kind of like abstract games, though am not the greatest lateral thinker.  I did enjoy Concept, it was different!  Very confusing at the start, with constant referencing to the chart as to what image meant what, but that is be expected.

A cool game that all the family can enjoy with a cool 7.5/10 for me.

Concept a game of abstraction - GamesQuest

For Sale, is the simple classic card game of card auctioning, to enable to players to purchase cards with the cards you bought.  It’s engaging and fun, quality quickie, if limited.

6.5 for me!

For Sale Card Game - GamesQuest

If you want a quality card game, then look no further than Kakerlaken Poker.  The perfect to finish the evening off with.  This is one of coolest card bluffing games on the market today.  Probably the best investment for under £10 you will ever make.

Cockroach Poker Bug  - GamesQuestThere is no outright winner in this game, just one outright loser.  It is very simple game.  There are eight sets of eight animals in the deck from the Rat to the Stink Bug. Your objective, through the noble art of bluffing is to ensure that a player gets a set of four of one of those types of animals in front him.

Kakerlaken Poker is a favourite of mine and always scores highly, 8.5/10 for me!

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