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Gaming Dairy of a Gameseller… Week… Well Kinda Mid-May!

Flash Point Fire Rescue Board Game

Go Lassie Go, Pee on that Fire!!!

A good cooperative game has to have the vital ingredients of playability, challenging, fun and have the atmosphere of roleplaying.  Flashpoint has all those and more besides!

Flash Point is a simple board game of fire rescue.  Attempt to stop the building in front you from burning to the ground, whilst rescuing seven or more civilians.  Each player takes on the role of a fire-fighter with varied and specific skills.  For example, the Captain has the ability to give an extra move – so that one player can move an extra two spaces or two players an extra one space.

Flash Point Fire Rescue Board Game Pieces - GamesQuest

Some roles are very specialised, some to the point where the player cannot even put out fires. However, during the course of the game, players are able to change roles should their role become surplus to requirements.

Expansion brings New Roles to Flash Point…

It was our first outing this year in the Fire Truck and we had two new roles to choose from, thanks to a mini expansion.  The Veteran was claimed by Jon, with the Dog being snapped up my Matt.  If you were within a certain number of spaces and in line of sight of the Veteran, you got an extra action (very, very useful).

The Dog can use up to 12 Action Points, can move through gaps in the walls, but cannot move through smoke or fire.  I loved the Dog, not so much for its abilities, which certainly in the early game were very useful, but for the sheer fun of it.  The Banter and laughter was and is priceless.

As good as co-op games get!!

With the Dog and the Veteran in tow, we conquered the scenario we played.  I played the Captain again, I like the feeling of being in charge or maybe respected, even though that is just not the case!  Especially not in Flashpoint…  Well one can only dream!  Flashpoint is one of the best co-op games on the market.  It’s light, fun but challenging!

A must game for all levels of players a cracking 8.25 for me!

Flash Point Fire Rescue Board Game - GamesQuest


Finstere Flure a.k.a Fearsome Floors Board Game 

Fearsome Floors and Fearsome Flure!!!

The wonderful thing about playing with a game collector, such as Jon, is that games surface that perhaps in the modern age of board gaming you would never dream of playing.  On this night two such games surfaced.  The first Finstere Flure….  “It’s a classic” said Jon.  You never doubt Jon when he says that.

 Finstere Flure Board Game - GamesQuest

It’s a simple sort of race game really.  You have three counters, representing three different characters, each having a different range of movement.  There are five players, each of you have to manoeuvre your characters across the board first….  Whilst avoiding the Frankenstein monster that is looking to hunt you all down and send you back to the beginning…

Finstere Flure so simply, yet so Genius!

Surely not a classic!?  Surely he’s got it wrong this time!?  You see it’s all about the game mechanics and this game’s mechanic is so simply – yet so genius!  Flure the Frankenstein will move each turn an X amount of spaces depending on the tile turned.  To start with, his direction will be from left to right….  Until he hits lines of sight and then he heads for the nearest character….

This simple game then becomes a strategic game of move and counter move!  Superb!  Honestly, if you can own it, own it!

7.75 for me! 

Fearsome Floors Board Game - GamesQuest

The game was later reprinted as Fearsome Floors and you do see it up for sale on board game geek, etc.


Zapp Zerapp… Shaking up Ludo!!!

It’s Ludo.  Yes Ludo.  I groaned.  Jon threw that look, a look to say.  “Trust me!”  and of course I should have.  This is a game of Ludo, that will you will NEVER forget.  Four players with 13 metal shakers each containing small metal balls that weigh the same.

 Zapp Zerapp Ludo Game - GamesQuest

Each shaker will contain the corresponding number of metal balls to the number at the bottom of the shaker.  The dice is rolled, an 8 comes up and you grab a shaker, shake it, weigh it…  Will it be 8 or under….  Keep trying…  Then select one.

 Zapp Zerapp Ludo Game - Games Quest

If it is over 8 you miss a turn, the player closest to eight goes first and so forth.  The rules of Ludo pretty much then kick it, with some slight differences.  Sounds simple, well it is, though absolutely great fun and makes for an amazing family board game.

What a Gem!  7.5 for me!

Board Games

1. A Study in Emerald 8.75 (2)
2. Robinson Crusoe 8.50 (3)
3. Flash Point 8.25
4. Nations 8.0
5. Neue Hiemet 8.0
6. Betrayal at House on the Hill 8.0
7. Finstere Express (Fearsome Floors) 7.75
8. Battlestar Express 7.75
9. Zapp Zerupp (Ludo) 7.5
10. Winter Carcassonne 7.5
11. Concept 7.5
12. Firefly 7.37
13. Shadows over Camelot 7.25
14. Libertalia 7.25
15. Speed Circuit 7.25
16. Lewis and Clark 7.0
17. Founders of the Empire 6.5


Card Games

1. Fleet 8
2. Among the Stars 7.75
3. Boom Town 7.75
4. Kings Under Mountains 7.5
5. Splendor 7.5
6. Eminent Domain 7.25
7. Race for the Galaxy 6.5 (2)


Starter Games

1. Cockroach Poker 8.5 (2)
2. Nosferatu 8.25 (3)
3. Qwixx 8.0 (9)
4. Something Different 7.75 (3)
5. Ultimate Werewolf 7.5
6. Kaa-Boom 7.5 (2)
7. Walk the Plank 7.0
8. Banjooli Xeet 6.5
9. For Sale 6.5
10. The Bot Card Game 6.0


5 (100%) 1 vote
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