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Gaming Dairy of a Gameseller… The Third Week and its Board Games Only

Ah but it’s a quiet week, my gaming has been interrupted with work commitments and school governor activities…  You see it’s not game, game, game when you run a game store!  I told you, would you listen!!?


Lewis & Clark, me and my merry bunch of native Indians….  Pow Wow!


Race games are a little hit and miss with me, I love Turf Master but really do not like Snow Tails.  So I was intrigued with the suggestion of a resource management race game, which Lewis and Clark was billed and let me tell you that’s exactly what it is!  The object of the board game is to be the first to traverse the wild west rivers and mountains with canoes and horses with the aid of specialist characters, such as Lewis and Clark.  Sounds easy?  Let me tell you it is far from easy!!  Mechanically this is a very, very good game.  Nice element of deck building, resource management and strategic planning, though there is perhaps a tad amount of luck in which certain resource card (characters) come out.  Saying that, it does have the atmosphere of the wild west and the sense of “how the hell I am going to manage this!”.

If you are expecting a race game in the traditional sense of the word, then this game is not for you.  It really is more of resource management and strategic planning game, along a “race” theme.  As soon as a player gets the chaining of the resource cards and their resources aligned it is bye bye and see you later.

As I said earlier this is mechanically a very good game.  Though I finished second, the race element for me was lost.  Therefore, only picking up a 7 from me!  Good game, but a little dry for my taste.

Rating of 7/10

Lewis & Clark Board Game - GamesQuest

Week 4…  Return to the Emerald and Flight to Serenity


I was delighted when a Sunday night saw a return to the wonders of Jon’s Garage especially with the unfurling of Martin Wallace A Study in Emerald again!   Week 2 saw me win my first game, playing the Restorationists Faction.  Once again I was the Restorationists and once again I sneaked through to win!

A Study in Emerald Board Game - GamesQuest

Now one would surmise that I love the game, because I have now won two out of two games.  Well let me assure that is far from the truth.  I really like this game because of the various facets it brings to the table, with the semi co-op, secret factions and deck building aspects.  All of which are hugely enjoyable.  I was lucky enough to maintain my faction identity until the last moment, which enabled me to cross the line.  I concede that maybe my 9/10 initial score was a little high.  It’s not a complex, engrossing game and I feel that the Loyalist are maybe at a slight disadvantage and need to maintain the game as long as possible to win, difficult when trying to keep your faction identity a secret.  Because of those very enjoyable facets to the game and it’s variation,  A Study in Emerald is hugely enjoyable and fun, still leads the way in my game of the year so far, 8.5 out of 10!

Rating of 8.5/10


Flight of Serenity


When I decided to write this diary, I very much had in mind that it was with the forethought of not commercialising my product range.  So when the Solent Tabletop group announced that their board game night (the last Tuesday of each month) was going to be Firefly the Board Game I grew slightly nervous.  You see Firefly was our biggest selling pre-order game of last year, but I am also a fan of the series and loved the film.  Honour before Money!   I was really looking forward to playing it, however I had heard conflicting reports.  Many games designed on a movie or TV theme often disappoint, mostly as they try to duplicate the flavour of the theme and sacrifice game mechanics or game play.  Firefly I believe has achieved both.  It’s actually a very simple game, despite the number of cards.  Simple, yet dripping with Firefly atmosphere.  Firefly scores on both departments, you will find a full review on our blog, which I entirely agree with.  My criticism is that it does lack complexity, however I can see that improving with the expansion that are due to come out.  I did not win Firefly, but finished second.  However the sense of adventure I got was excellent, we played with five players, but I think the optimum would most certainly be four players.  A solid 7.5/10 for me!

Rating of 7.5/10

Flight of Serenity Board Game - GamesQuest

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