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Gaming Diary of a Gameseller. Week 1, Jan 2014

So it’s the new year.  I thought it would be interesting to keep a diary of the games I play this year give a brief description and a quick fire rating…  I attend 3 different gaming groups,  and will be going to at least 5 shows this year, it lets see what rises to the top, will some games get played multiple times, will my thoughts and ratings change?  The sheer diversity of games will also be interesting from Family Games to Full on Tabletop Battles!   The ratings I give are from a enjoyment factor and is very much a personal matter.


5th January  – Venue – Bruton’s Emporium – Walk the Plank, Kaa-Boom and Neue Hiemet


Walk the Plank – See the GamesQuest blog, finally got the chance to play this well rated game.  Yeh it was ok, quick and fun, similar in some ways to Get Bit, but I don’t think quite as good.  Finished 3rd

Getting a 7/10 from me! Will definitely play again.


Kaa-Boom – This is a great little push your luck racing game, not currently available in the UK, as usual Jon picked this up in the darkest reaches of the gaming world.   Should have, could have won yet finished 2nd

Gets 7.5/10 and would recommend.


Neue Hiemat – Hiemat what?  I hear you cry, when Jon got this off the shelf in the shoe box, I cried “nooooo  I will not play a block building dexterity game, I hate those”, he smiled, looked smug and continued to unpack it, “that’s ok, because it’s not one of those….”  Neue Hiemet is a superb auction building placement game.  Simple, played with large dice and a mat, it’s very cutthroat and yet strategic.   A very cool game, which I won!  From a small supplier in Germany, have emailed them to get this over in the UK!

Game of the night and gets a whopping 8/10

Neue Hiemet Building Placement Game - GamesQuest

Neue Hiemet Building Placement Game

8th January – Portsmouth Board Game Group – Winter Carssonne and Race for the Galaxy


Winter Carcassonne   – Carcassonne is not my favourite game, but that is really down to the theme that the actual game, but I do love the Winter Edition.  It looks so cool.  Loving the Gingerbread man…  He’s mine!  No he’s not…  Yes he is…  Arrrghh..  Finished 2nd and for the first time scored points with a farm, shared points though!

7.5/10 for me!

Winter Carcassonne Board Game - GamesQuest

Winter Carcassonne Board Game


Race for the Galaxy  – Race for the Galaxy theme always appeals to me, calls like a Siren, yet always at the end I feel empty.  Not quite satisfied.  Not quite sure, what I did, how I did and whether I enjoyed it.  Somehow I finished 2nd and only three points off winning, again the previous feelings all applied.  Race for the Galaxy strikes me as a game you need to play lots to fully understand, grasp and therefore enjoy the mechanics.  With the new Alien Artefacts expansion hitting the streets, I am sure I will playing this game several more times, so it will be interesting to see whether my perceptions and enjoyment improves. Think of downloading the app, perhaps!

But for me only 6.5/10

Race for the Galaxy Card Game - GamesQuest

Race for the Galaxy Card Game

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