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Imperial Assault Announced by Fantasy Flight Games!!!

With the amazing news of the Star Wars: Armada miniatures game earlier this weeek, Fantasy Flight were off to a great start before they even got to GenCon 2014. Today I found out that they’re not just dishing up a delicious portion of space-combat! They’ve kept a fantastic card up their sleeves. Star Wars: Imperial Assault!.

Star Wars: Imperial Assault… What’s this all about???

Fantasy Flight have released a news update in which they describe Star Wars: Imperial Assault in the following terms:

Star Wars Imperial Assault Fantasy Flight Games

“Imperial Assault casts you and your friends into the climatic events following the Death Star’s destruction above Yavin 4, and offers two full game experiences within the Star Wars universe. In the campaign game, you and up to four other friends play a series of thrilling missions woven together in a narrative campaign, and in the skirmish game, you and your opponent muster your own strike teams and battle head-to-head over conflicting objectives.”

The Gameplay is Strong in this One… Descent in the Star War Universe!!!

Star Wars Imperial Assault Layout Fantasy Flight Games

If you take a look at the article over on the Fantasy Flight Games site you’ll get a very rapid feeling that Star Wars: Imperial Assault has a very Descent 2nd Edition feel to it. Up to four players enter the world of Imperial Assault and do battle against a fifth player who takes control of the Galactic Empire! Descent is an excellent game and I personally hope that Fantasy Flight have done as great a job with this interesting new title. I’m especially excited to see how the dedicated skirmish missions play out in a head to head battle of the force.

In true Fantasy Flight-style they’re already talking about expanding Imperial Assault with the introduction of a series of expansions called Ally and Villain packs. Fantasy Flight provides the following details on these:

“As a bonus, the Imperial Assault Core Set includes both the Luke Skywalker Ally Pack and the Darth Vader Villain Pack. Both of these packs include a sculpted plastic figure to replace the token found in the Imperial Assault Core Set. In addition to the detailed plastic figure, each figure pack includes two skirmish missions using the same map and a campaign side mission highlighting the character included in the pack. You may gather new recruits for the Rebel Alliance or hunt down Luke Skywalker with Darth Vader using the missions included in these figure packs.

Additional Ally Packs and Villain Packs will be the first expansions released for Imperial Assault, bringing added life to the iconic heroes and villains you fight alongside. Each of these packs includes a sculpted plastic figure, alongside a new campaign side mission, two new skirmish missions, and Command cards to enhance your skirmish missions.”

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Tom Randell

Driven Instructional Designer by day, board game fanatic by night! Tom has a long background in eLearning design and is a strong believer that story and narrative are crucial to creating excellent learning and gaming experiences. A passionate blogger, game reviewer and play tester, he enjoys spending his time playing games of all genres.