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The Warlord of Mars hits Kickstarter

Attention True Believers!

OK, we may be using some artistic license since John Carter is nothing to do with Stan Lee but every now and then, there’s a Kickstarter that we just HAVE to bring to your attention. This feast for the senses is John Carter of Mars.

For those of you that may not know, John Carter was a character in a series of novels written by Edgar Rice Burrows at the turn of the 20th Century. Thus the Barsoom Stories was born. This is a collection of 10 stories about the titular John Carter which span across his lifetime.

Since that time, he has appeared in various forms of media, with most popularity in Comic Book form, but most recently in celluloid form in the 2012 movie “John Carter”. Nice to see Hollywood put some thought into that title.

Most recently that was, until now.

Modiphius entertainment (of several board and role playing game fame) are now bringing John Carter to Kickstarter as a Role Playing Game.

John Carter Title

John Carter and his Kickstarter

Modiphius have gone to Kickstarter to make sure that John Carter gets to see the light of day. Both Carter and the Barsoom Stories have a massive cult following and they have gone both to the estate of Edgar Rice Burrows and also one of the most scholarly of scholars of Rice’s work to ensure that they are as true to the source material as they can be.

The funding goal was set at a not too shabby £20,000 but as of typing this, the campaign has already more than doubled that figure, so if John Carter of Mars might be tickling your pickle, then you have no fear about it not being funded.

What’s in it for me?

For the discerning role player John Carter of Mars has the prestige and ease that most Modiphius RPG’s do as it uses the 2d20 system which has been slightly adapted for John Carter. You will get to traverse the wasteland of Mars as either John, Dejah Thoris (I just threw that link in for some warm blooded males), Tars Tarkas or as you’d hope, you can make your own character with your own destiny.

Modiphius have also put in several pledge levels to appeal to any width of wallet. The core book is available for £15 in pdf format and the printed version is available at £40 and comes with all of the unlocked pdf files as well.


There’s always a but…

There’s a pledge level of £25 which will net you the pdf and the character miniatures for the main protagonist and antagonist, and they look amazing. We know that a lot of people are picky when it comes to miniatures, but we have seen some of the miniatures for Fallout: Wasteland Warfare in the flesh and are worried no more.

John Carter Minis

Kicking Off

We know that Roleplaying Games aren’t for everyone, but this is one that we think is worth a look. There is a metric tonne of stuff still to be unlocked so even if you’re still on the fence, it’s worth a run along for the ride. To sweeten the deal, or to help your decision along, you can read a sample chapter and also download a character sheet on the Kickstarter page.

We think that John Carter on Mars is well worth a look, but you should go and judge for yourself.

Happy New Year from Games Quest. May it be filled with reduced piles of shame and shuffling meeples.

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