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Kickstarter News Flash! – Argonauts

Hello readers!

As everybody in the gaming world knows these days Kickstarter is a treasure trove from which many great games spring thanks to the wonderful backing of keen gamers such as yourselves and if you can back the right project you can get sweet extras as part of the campaign

Here at the Gamesquest Blog we want to make sure that none of our readers miss out on the chance to back games that we think are going to be a fantastic addition to your library. That’s why today I’m talking about Argonauts.


Alcyon Creative, co-op, 1-4 players


The Campaign

Please do check the link above but for the newsflash I will say Argonauts is a co-op game, where you and the other players take on the roles of Jason and the Argonauts, the mythical heroes, on their quest and journey for the golden fleece and a safe return home.

In essence you and the other players must manage the individual skills and abilities of your legendary heroes, with the resources of your ship to make the journey home a successful one. Jason and the Argonauts is a tale from Greek myth though so of course you must fight your way through legendary encounters, drawn straight from the tales themselves, with monsters such as the Harpies, the Bronze Titan Talos, and the Dragon which guards the Golden Fleece itself.

You must be careful as each step along your journey is watched by the Greek Gods themselves, and depending on which God is watching you could promote their blessing or provoke their curse, with different gods giving favour or ire to different encounters and heroes, all in keeping truthfully with their legends and myths.

Argonauts looks fantastic, with beautiful artwork plus superb, well researched and accurate flavour. The co-op aspect is one to love as you all work together on this perilous journey, and it looks great fun as you work together to use your wit and might as legendary heroes to overcome truly epic encounters with the Gods on your side, or not as the case may be.

Check Argonauts and its campaign out and see if it’s for you. It’s definitely for us; we just hope our first game doesn’t turn into a Greek tragedy if the Gods are against us.

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