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Kickstarter News Flash! – Coriolis Sci-Fi RPG

“Firefly meets Arabian Nights in this unique sci-fi RPG. Crew a starship and explore the ancient mysteries of The Third Horizon!”

If a sentence like that doesn’t excite you, then I have no idea what you are doing here. Settle in and let me tell you about this amazing new Kickstarter from the publishers of Mutant: Year Zero; Free League Publishing and Modiphius Entertainment.

Coriolis – The Third Horizon – A Sci-Fi RPG


From Free League Publishing & Modiphius Entertainment, 2 or more Players, and a Hugely Thematic setting with an excellent rules system

The design and thematics of this game look amazingly deep.

You want to be an aggressive space trader ? You can do that!

You want to feverishly worship the Coriolis’ gods, the Icons ? You can do that!!

You want to focus heavily on engineering and building up the party’s spaceship ? You can do that!!!

Any Sci-fi role you want to play is possible in a setting this huge. Its not just for the players though, GMs will have an exceptional time here as well, able to take players on a mission through the darkness of space, fighting off deadly Mystics along the way in one session, only to switch gears and have them take part in the political machinations of the space station Coriolis itself in the next session.

Coriolis is modelled rules-wise after the system in Mutant Year Zero. To make a skill check, you simply pick up a number of d6 dice allowed by your attribute score, skill level, and gear, then roll them all. A six (6) on any dice is a success and the more you get the better the result. The extra rule for Coriolis is the ‘Prayer to the Icons’, which makes use of the themes of the setting. Any player can pray to the Icons for a re-roll, but in so doing the GM gains a darkness point, which they can spend to make things more difficult for the players in the future. The balance in the darkness between the stars must always be maintained.

Coriolis - 2

Its worth noting that this Kickstarter also has a lot of stretch goals to meet, most of which have already been unlocked. For example, the hardback edition of the game has already been met, as have some extra ship designs and scenario locations. There’s even some unusual extras, like the game’s soundtrack; which could definitely help set the mood as you play.

This Kickstarter is run by Modiphius Entertainment and Free League Publishing; who have both a record for excellent game design (Mutant: Year Zero won a Silver ENnie for Best Rules at Gencon 2015), and an excellent record for running Kickstarters.

So with all of that why aren’t you backing it right now ? Go! Quick!

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