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Kickstarter News Flash – Dr. Finn’s Games – Foragers

Hello readers, browsers and all those out there questing for more games and news!

We here at Gamesquest are here to help you on your quest! All of us in the boardgame world are seeking that new game to interest us and give us that rewarding experience of a genuinely good time and we think we have found what we seek with the new game from Dr. Finn’s games – Foragers.


Dr. Finn’s Games, 2-4 players, strategy and resource management 


The Campaign

As always for full info about Foragers do check the link to the campaign above but Foragers is a new strategy game from Dr. Finns Games. Dr. Finns Games has produced several games in the past that we here at Gamesquest have loved, including Biblios and The Institute for Magical Arts, both of which are very well constructed games with a lot of well balanced strategy and decisions.

In Foragers each player manages their ancient forager in the competition to gain the most food and respect of the tribe to earn the title of tribe leader. By optimising your movement around the board, which represents the ancient world, you can more efficiently forage and hunt for food compared to the other players. To do so you have to manage your foragers strength and energy levels, which you can increase by eating food, but you must also share your food with the other members of the tribe to earn victory points. While you forage and explore you can find tools to help make your life easier but you can also get into fights with the other players if you try and run past them, which can result in you stealing victory points from them and vice versa.

There’s truly a lot going on in Foragers, with many interesting decisions and freedom for each player to go about getting their victory points in their own way. You have to be on your toes though since each player has the chance to steal points from the others if they think their strong enough. It looks incredibly well constructed in terms of game mechanics with a really fun theme of ancient foragers hunting and gathering food, with the occasional in-tribe squabble.

Dr. Finn’s games have run several successful Kickstarters in the past so you are assured they know what they are doing in terms of both running the campaign and designing a game. We have loved their games so far and so we cannot recommend the up and coming Foragers more.

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