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Kickstarter News Flash! – Town of Salem

Ever suspected your friends of secretly being part of the forces of darkness? A werewolf or a witch perhaps? Or do they just get on your nerves? Ever wanted to hang them!? Well now you can!

All thanks to this fantastic new card game on Kickstarter – Town of Salem!!!

What Are You Here For Pilgrim ?

Town of Salem is a new Hidden Role Card Game from Blank Media Games where any player could be a good guy trying to help keep the other players alive, or a bad guy killing the other players in the dead of night. Who do you think should swing at the gallows for their crime ? You decide.

Town of Salem The Card Game – A Game of Murder, Mayhem & Deception

Blank Media Games, 4-36 Players, 8+, Hidden Role & Player Elimination Card Game

Town of Salem

The Campaign

Town of Salem looks to be a great card game. Having already proven itself online:-

It looks to be an absolute blast to play.

What Goes On In This Town ? Strange Things Indeed!

At the start of the game each player will receive their secret role. Using the powers of that role they can begin killing off the other players in the dead of night if they happen to be evil, but if they’re a good role they can instead use their powers to protect the other players, and crucially, investigate them to see who is what and try and capture the more evil amongst us.

If you’re playing an evil role you have to avoid suspicion, because if you’re too obvious about what you are you might get caught by the townsfolk, and then it’s off to the gallows for you! However truly cunning evil-doers could even get a poor innocent unsuspecting pilgrim hung in their stead.

Why Should You Back It ? Because of What You Get of Course!

Blank Media Games are really putting a lot of effort in to this Kickstarter. Every single reward tier has included bonus digital rewards for Town of Salem online. All of these added bonuses are also all completely FREE, so you can really get going online and enjoy this fantastic game in loads of different ways for no extra cost! The tier we’re really interested in here at GamesQuest HQ is ‘The Witch’ tier, which gets you the NSFW (Not Safe For Work) pack, adding in some great 21+ cards to really make this game a great laugh!

Specifically a copy of Town of Salam includes a deck of 40 cards. You get 11 unique Town cards, 5 unique Mafia cards and 6 unique Neutral cards. You also get 2 blank cards that you can use to create your own new roles, a good/evil card that the moderator uses, a moderator card and the rulebook. It also comes with simply fantastic cute artwork, which makes for a hilarious sight when paired with the games darker subject matter, making Town of Salem all that more interesting.

With all of this included all of us here at GamesQuest are really excited for the Town of Salem Kickstarter. We hope you are too!

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