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Kickstarter Update – August 18th 2014

Welcome to another Kickstarter news update! In this post I have three Kickstarter titles that I wanted to shine a light on!

Certainty of death… What are we waiting for???

First up we have Dungeon Saga: The Dwarf King’s Quest, brought to us by Mantic games – creators of titles such as Mars Attacks and Deadzone.

Dungeon Saga Board Game

In short, this is a classic adventure game set in a fantasy dungeon where mighty heroes battle evil monsters. The game is for 1-5 players and is set in the Dwarfen Hold of Dolgarth. One player takes the role of Mortibris who commands the Undead in their battle against the daring heroes. Another player (or players) take the role of the heroes, playing through exciting scenarios before reaching the final showdown in a face off against the Necromancer!

Once you’ve played through the story, players can then begin the Adventurers Companion – a tome of advanced rules that introduces roleplaying elements to the game.

This looks like a pretty interesting game made up of modular dungeon boards that allow players to play through existing scenarios or create their own unique maps for more custom dungeon fun!

This game is pretty much set to go into production but the more funding Mantic receives the better quality components that backers will receive. I have to admit, from the pictures provided, the miniatures that come with it, look incredible – lots of detail, solid and will be great for gamers who enjoy painting their mini’s.

With 13 days left to run, this campaign has already soared past its original goal and is ready to go into production as soon as possible. It’s also free postage to backers from the USA and UK, and low postage for all other countries.

Kickstarter Asking for Trobils… What’s a Trobil???

Next up, we have Asking for Trobils by Christian Strain and Kraken Games.

Asking for Trobils Kickstarter Board Game

This Kickstarter campaign is an easy to learn fast placed worker placement game for 2-5 players. Asking for Trobils has a unique look due to its round board and strong, bright artwork. Trobils are space vermin that appear from nowhere, cause chaos and destroy worlds. Players are competing Trobil hunters, gathering resources such as space slugs, crystals and traps in order to capture Trobils. The winner is the player who proves themselves the most successful Trobil Hunter in the Galaxy by catching the highest number of these pesky pests!

Asking for Trobils looks to be a fast paced game and although it’s primarily a worker placement game, you aren’t restricted by rules that say players can’t use the same spot if someone has already used it. If you want a particular resource from a particular spot, you simply kick the other ship into space while you grab what you need!

This is another game that will ship from within Europe so that European backers don’t need to pay excessive import taxes. The game is close to fully funding but you have another 14 days to check out the campaign page. You can watch some playthrough video’s, voiced by Eric Summerer of The Dice Tower fame.  and then decide if you fancy a bit of Inter-Galactic Trobil hunting!

[redacted]…Kickstarter [redacted]!!!

The third and final Kickstarter game that’s grabbing my attention this week is [redacted] by LudiCreations.

Redacted Board Game

This is a game of spying, intrigue, bluffing and betrayal, set during the cold war. During the game, players takes actions, use items and interact with each other. They do this in order to gain valuable intelligence that will save the world from destruction.

Each agent has one or more partners in the game and must find them while outwitting the enemy agents at the same time. Players move through the rooms of an embassy while a gala reception takes place, looking for the intel the Ambassador is trying to sell. If you cannot extract the intel safely, then you must at least stop the enemy from doing so.

The true loyalty of each player remains hidden, even from their team mates in order to maintain the highest possible security. Players need to gather intelligence the hard way in order to gain the upper hand.

[Redacted]s Kickstarter page states that the game was inspired by games such as Battlestar Galactica, Bang and A Study in Emerald – this is evident in the secret loyalty mechanic that has each player trying to fathom who they can trust. Although, thankfully, there are no brigs to rot in or airlocks to be vented from in [Redacted]! This Kickstarter campaign finishes in just 11 days time, so if you fancy taking a further look do it soon!

Three Down… Many More on Kickstarter!!!

Well, that’s all for this week, I hope I’ve peaked your interest enough to go and check out these games on Kickstarter. There’s plenty more board games over on their website, so if you’re interested in seeing what’s out there, go check them out. Till next week, have a great week of games and let us know if we should be checking out a Kickstarter campaign you think we might have missed!

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Nikki Bennett

Nikki is a social worker, and proud auntie, with a passion for board games. She strongly believes that games help provide quality time for families, teach young people new skills, and make relationships stronger! She loves to play games of all types, particularly those with a strong theme and a good story!