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Kickstarter Update – September 23rd 2014

I’m back with another little post about the interesting Kickstarter campaigns going on at the moment. Today I’m going to give you an overview of three of the campaigns that caught my eye. But. If after reading this, they don’t appeal then take a look through the Kickstarter listings and see if there’s something else that you’d be interested in! There are plenty of campaigns that are looking for support and if you find something you think needs our attention then drop us a message by using the comments section for this post!

Back on the Kickstarter trail… King Down by Saar Shai…

King Down Board Game - GamesQuest

First up on this week’s blog for interesting Kickstarter campaigns is King Down by Saar Shai – creator of previous Kickstarter success The Agents.

In short, King Down is an epic strategy game for 2-4 players, with some very cool miniatures I might add!

Players choose one of four kings to ally themselves with. They then pick their armies and charge into battle to take down the other kings and charge across the board to victory. The game is much like chess in that the board is squared, with characters moving and ‘taking’ each other in the same way that chess pieces do. However, Saar Shai has reimagined the chess pieces for this Kickstarter, to give them an interesting and unique feel. He’s also jiggled the rules in order to bring much more to the game and help players to visualise themselves playing as the kings, commanding their armies across the board.

There are also spell cards which will, of course, alter gameplay – as will the character powers that alter the way the original chess pieces interact with each other. This all creates an interesting new take on the game of kings along with the tactics, strategies and win conditions that make it so that no two games are the same.

Each king has their own unique power and has a loyal army presided over by a queen that’ll undoubtedly be a force to be reckoned with.

Each army also comes with a motley crew of powerful characters known as the ‘Keepers of the King’. Needless to say, these particular characters look like they could be very slippery and will keep players on their toes throughout each game.

I have to confess, I can’t stand chess personally, however this game is peaking my interest – possibly due to my love of vinyl figurines. The board and miniature’s look amazing and Saar Shai has clearly put a lot of time and effort into creating a beautiful looking game for Kickstarter fans. It’s already funded nearly three times over and still has 19 days to go, so, if you fancy a gander to consider backing this, then head on over to Kickstarter now!

The Kickstarter arena… Choose your champion!!!

Board Game Apocalypse-Galactic Arena - GamesQuest

Next up is the battle board game based in an apocalyptic universe called Apocalypse Galactic Arena by Storyception Games. This is a fast-paced game, played in just 15 minutes, where players fight for the entertainment of the baying crowds.

Players can play as individuals or as teams against each other. Choose your champion fighter, pick their abilities and decide on your destiny to achieve fame in the galactic arena.

Players customise their heroes in secret at the start of the game, choosing special abilities and weapons from a large pool. They then enter the arena and duel until only the best gladiators are left standing. The game is part strategy and part luck – dice determine the result of the battles but simply jumping in with fists flying means relying on blind luck alone to win.

Galactic Arena is just the first in a series of interconnected board games which means that characters form part of a long story filled with danger, drama and horrors. The game has been eight years in the making, so the designers have plenty of ideas up their sleeves!

This game has some beautiful looking artwork and future expansions will add some fantastic looking miniatures. The game has already funded and has 15 days to go – I’d recommend taking a look to see if this new, ever expanding, gaming universe is something you want to invest in.

Kickstarter of the Victorian era… Nothing but stuff and nonsense!

Stuff and Nonsense Card Game - GamesQuest

Last up, in our Kickstarter line-up, is Stuff and Nonsense by Cheapass Games.

Stuff and Nonsense is a card game about a group of Victorian explorers who never actually do any exploring. They share tales of their daring and risky travels around the globe…. Or so they’d have you believe!

This is a quick little card game where players sneak around the back streets of London gathering artefacts and evidence of their fictitious travels in order to win the admiration of their fellow adventurers. After gathering the artefacts and specimens, they return to the Adventurers Club where they swap daring tales of adventure and trade their cards for points.

Players need to gather items and trade them in for as many points as possible in as few moves as possible in order to avoid being caught out by Professor Elemental. This little game from the publishers of Unexploded Cows and Get Lucky is set to be a fun and fast, creating fantastic gaming stories.

Just like the previous to Kickstarter titles, Stuff and Nonsense has already funded. However there are still 7 days to show your support and pop your pledge in for a copy of the game.

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Nikki Bennett

Nikki is a social worker, and proud auntie, with a passion for board games. She strongly believes that games help provide quality time for families, teach young people new skills, and make relationships stronger! She loves to play games of all types, particularly those with a strong theme and a good story!