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Kickstarter Update – February 13th 2015

Happy New Year gamers, I know its a little late but it’s been a while now since I wrote anything about the Kickstarter campaigns that seem to be getting people excited. Christmas and January have been hectic to say the least so, hopefully I’m back on top of things at the moment and ready to blog away!

It’s Behind You!!! Don’t Turn Your Back on Kickstarter!!!

First up, we have Don’t Turn Your Back by Evil Hat Games (creators of Fate Core). Evil Hat Games normally publish RPG’s but Don’t Turn Your Back is their first venture into the world of board games. Don’t Turn Your Back is a worker placement/deck building game set in Mad City (previously the setting for their RPG Don’t Rest Your Head). In this game, you walk the streets, exploring locations such as the 13th District and the Bizarre Bazaar to earn points that you use to build your deck with the aim of out-smarting your opponents and escaping Mad City.

Dont turn your back

Fans of RPG’s may know the world of Mad City from the RPG Don’t Rest Your Head – the creators felt this was a popular enough setting and worth revisiting for this game. As such, anyone pledging $10 or more will receive a digital copy of Don’t Rest Your Head, as well as it’s expansion Don’t Lose Your Mind, plus a digital copy of a collection of short-stories set in the Mad City – Don’t Read This Book.

While the game board itself looks fairly dull, I have to admit, I do love the look of the games artwork – it really is atmospheric and helps you feel a part of the game. As someone about to dip their toe into the world of RPG’s for the first time, this appeals to me a lot. Also, to get an additional game free when you back this project, along with a number of short stories, I think you get value for money with this project!

The only downside for me is that shipping which might be a bit expensive for UK backers of this game – but if this game really appeals, then it’ll still be worth the money. The campaign is running for another 19 days and is half funded so far.

Kickstarter Meets Stronghold… Do We Need More Space Cadets???

Space Cadets;Away Mission on Kickstarter

For fans of Space Cadets, Stronghold Games presents the third standalone game in the series: Space Cadets; Away Missions. Away Missions is a co-operative game where ‘Rocketeers’ explore UFO’s, acquire alien technology and fight hordes of hostile aliens wanting to enslave the Human race. On each turn, the Rocketeers use their action points to fire weapons, examine alien artefacts or subdue evil aliens. The aliens then take their turn using simple movement and combat protocols. There are seven types of aliens in all from Mind Leeches to rampaging Sentinels, all designed to give players a real run for their money. Scenario tiles and their markers are used throughout the game to provide Rocketeers with extra challenges and views of the current danger. When a threat is eliminated, the tile marker is removed – exposing the devastation left in the wake of the aliens.

While Space Cadets; Away Missions may seem expensive ($99 for the game and all stretch goals), it is free postage and you get an awful lot in the box. There are a massive one hundred figures – each one brilliantly sculpted and detailed.

Space Cadets; Away Missions on Kickstarter

Then there are the hexes that create the game board and a number of story scenarios to play through as well as the usual tokens, dice, cubes and cards, to provide plenty of replayability. There are just six days to go but the campaign is well-funded and hopefully more of the stretch goals will become unlocked before the campaign ends.

 Think You’re a God?!? Prove it by Kicking Loki’s Butt!!!

Runecast on Kickstarter

Next up we have Runecast by Matt Voss. Matt is an independent designer who successfully funded his first game through Kickstarter and now travels conventions demoing new game ideas. Runecast is a co-operative game for 2-6 players who become Viking warrior’s trying to defend Midgard and defeat Loki. Each player has a Fate deck from which they are dealt a hand that they cannot look at. Players decide whether or not they want to tempt fate by drawing a card to play. The card could make the situation worse, or provide valuable goods such as armour or weapons.

Runecast character on KickstarterPlayers can also decide whether to use their characters skill – either on their turn or on another players turn. As a co-op game, players need to work out when’s best to strategically use their character skills before taking a handful of dice and rolling to determine damage. Each hammer result is a wound to your enemy, a snake result is a die added to Loki’s pool and a tree can heal up to two hitpoints. At the end of each round, one player rolls the dice collected by Loki before then determining which player Loki will target by drawing a card from Loki’s deck. This player then resolves the remaining dice results to determine if a Battle ability or a Boon is triggered.


Overall, while the game components don’t look to be fantastic quality (though it is hard to tell from the pictures on Kickstarter!), the artwork does look fantastic and clearly tries to remain true to Nordic lore. It’s also a relatively cheap game to back and has low postage cost, even for European backers. There’s a massive 22 days left to back this one and I recommend taking a look!

 Anyone For a Game??? A Game of Cones???

Cones of Dunshire on Kickstarter

The final campaign I’ll look at is The Cones of Dunshire by Mayfair Games. In short, this is a deluxe edition of The Cones of Dunshire which will contain some new characters to play with. The Cones of Dunshire is based on a fictional game created by the character Ben Wyatt in NBC’s Parks and Recreation. In the show, Ben creates the game in his spare time but after deciding that the rules are too complex and convoluted, leaves it behind for his colleagues after quitting his job. Mayfair were charged with creating the prop version of the game for the show – they succeeded in creating a playable game with a complex set of rules before then producing a giant version for gamers to play at GenCon 2014.

Cones of Dunshire components

To be quite honest, the pledge levels are insanely expensive and will rule out a lot of people, but it will have an absolute shed-load of components in the box. Quite literally a shed-load!

The board will be multi-level and around ten feet square in size. The sheets of tokens will be die-cut chipboard to make them sturdier and of course the infamous cones are included – all 48 of them! The wooden Cone of Decision alone is a massive 14 inches tall – I dread to think how big the box is or what the postage would be on this beast of a game!!! Cones of Dunshire GenConThere will be countless plastic gems and coins as well as three character sheets for each character so players can have countless character combinations to play with. The hero and civilisation tokens have been transformed from 2d into 3d metallic figures. There’s 27 days left to back this campaign for those with a lot of spare change hanging around – though be prepared for a huge delivery charge to be added on top for this one…


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Nikki Bennett

Nikki is a social worker, and proud auntie, with a passion for board games. She strongly believes that games help provide quality time for families, teach young people new skills, and make relationships stronger! She loves to play games of all types, particularly those with a strong theme and a good story!