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Lords of Waterdeep… Branching the Gaming Factions!!

A Game for All Levels of Experience… Could the Search Finally Be at an End!!

Having several different little groups of people I board game with now and their wide range of board game experience, I’m always on the lookout for good games that can branch across these groups.

From the In-laws who are used to Scrabble and a house ruled version of scrabble (that should only really be played with children and then only for the first game). To friends who have played a few basic euro style games with their children. And my real geek friends who play all types of games.


Tabletop and Youtube….. That Wil Wheaton!!

After watching Lords of Waterdeep being played on Tabletop I decided to purchase it and give it a try. I won’t go into how to play it exactly, as there are lots of videos online that will explain how to and it is that easy to learn, that after watching the Tabletop video and a quick read through of the rule book I was able to teach Ole and Liz how to play the game and complete the game in an hour and a half. Of that I only took about ten minutes explaining the rules and while playing we only had two questions that we found answers for in the rule book pretty quickly.

The three of us really enjoyed the game and it was a close game. I would even say it’s in my top 5 of board games at the moment!

Lords of Waterdeep - Board Game - GamesQuest


Why be an Adventurer….When You Can be a Lord!!

The basic idea is instead of being the individual adventurer in the Dungeon & Dragons World performing the heroic quests. You are one of the devious Lords trying to gain control of Waterdeep. By gathering different types of adventurers to your tavern and then sending them off to complete quests for you and thereby increase your standing in the power struggle. Each turn you will have a number of agents (dependent on the total number of players) and you take it in turns placing your agents at different locations around the city, but there can only be one agent placed at each location. So you have to be careful where you go, as you won’t get to do everything you want to (unless your very lucky).

Lords of Waterdeep contents - Board Game - GamesQuest


Re-Playability…..Waterdeep Keeps Throwing Up Those Surprises!!

What is also great is its re-play ability. To start with there is five players and Twelve lords to choose from (randomly picked) and each gives you a different bonus at the end of the game. Next is the stack of quest cards which we didn’t even get half way through. There is also a stack of intrigue cards that have a wide range of effects from helping you (and benefiting everyone else) to stealing other lord’s resources or giving them quests they must complete before everything else, wasting their resources. Then there are the extra buildings that can be built. Again another stack of cards which we barely dented that add extra locations for your agents to visit on the board, but if an opponent visits your building don’t worry you’ll get a bonus for that.


An Expansion,,,,Due Later in the Year!!

There is also an expansion for the game that will bring in a new level of complexity and allows for a 6th player (that the original board was already designed to accommodate) I’ll be getting this when it comes out and I give a review on that too.

Lords of Waterdeep - Scoundrels of Skullport Expansion - Board Game - GamesQuest


Dungeon & Dragons Themed….But Anyone Can Play It!!

As you might have guessed, all through the game it is filled with D&D references and flavour. If you don’t know the difference between Owl Bears and Sea Wraiths, not to worry, as its not needed to enjoy the game. All the D&D references are just that. This game could be flavoured with anything and the game mechanics would be still good, it’s just got the great bonus of a great theme behind it. This brings me on to the wonderful presentation of the game. It’s all full colour as we would all expect these days and as anyone who has any other Wizards of the Coast products, they have great artists on board. It is not only the quality of the parts, it has to be  noted that this is one of nicest designed boxes for game parts storage. The number of games where I’m having to scratch with my nails to get that last card out of the bottom of the box. Not here, there is a ridge which means you just need to push one side of the cards and the other side is levered out of the box. There has been a lot of thought put into every aspect of this game.

I think now that I have gotten my in-laws to play Ticket To Ride, given time I’ll have them playing this too. As you can tell I really do like this game and if anyone else want to give it a go look me up.

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