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Mountains of Madness Expands Eldritch Horror!!!

Yet more amazing news from Fantasy Flight Games. This time for fans of Eldritch Horror!

I personally adore this game and, in fact, only played it yesterday! I love the way that it streamlines everything that I enjoyed about Arkham Horror yet keeps the tension of the original game. Todays announcement of Eldritch Horror: Mountains of Madness has really got me going.

Mountains of Madness!!! More Eldritch Horror!!!

Eldritch Horror Mountains of Madness

In their recent news post Fantasy Flight describe Mountains of Madness in the following way:

“Inspired by H. P. Lovecraft’s novella about a Miskatonic University expedition that awoke ancient and deadly creatures, Mountains of Madness opens up to investigators the frozen expanses of Antarctica and releases horrors that have hibernated in the ice for eons. You may find in Antarctica solutions to many perplexing mysteries, but you will also encounter there profoundly disturbing sights and nightmarish new monsters. This expansion features a side board depicting locations throughout Antarctica, from the Miskatonic Outpost to the City of the Elder Things, where numerous and terrifying encounters await you. Two new Ancient Ones, including the very Elder Things that once dominated earth, threaten the end of humanity. Eight more investigators contribute their diverse skills and specialties to the struggle against the Ancient Ones. With their help you may be able to prevent the reawakened Elder Things from rising… or you may fall victim to the horror.”

The World Just got bigger!!! And a Whole Lot More Evil!!!

Eldritch Horror Mountians of Madness Components

As I said, I’m a massive fan of Eldritch Horror and I can’t wait to get Mountains of Madness. I’ve been wondering what Fantasy Flight would offer us in one of their bigger box expansions and now I finally have my answer. With an interesting extra board that focuses on Antarctica I’m wondering if any further expansions are likely to focus on one of the other expedition locations. Perhaps a Dark Pharaoh related expansion for the Pyramids? That’s obviously pure speculation but I wouldn’t complain if it happened!

I’m always happy to add more investigators to my pool of characters and the eight promised in Mountains of Mandess will keep me entertained for quite some time, as will the two new Ancient ones. Fantasy Flight have announced some great new titles in Armada and Imperial Assault, but Mountains of Madness is the one that has me, personally, the most excited so far! Roll on release day!

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Tom Randell

Driven Instructional Designer by day, board game fanatic by night! Tom has a long background in eLearning design and is a strong believer that story and narrative are crucial to creating excellent learning and gaming experiences. A passionate blogger, game reviewer and play tester, he enjoys spending his time playing games of all genres.