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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game… A New Genre!!

A Fantasy Roleplaying Experience….Without the GM!

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game is a very special experience, a card game that plays like a fantasy role playing game with no Games Master. Well that is not strictly true, as the cards become the GM, they inform you what you can and cannot do and  the results of your failures or successes. The encounters and battles are dictated by the cards as they are revealed and used by your character, which also comes in the form of a card.

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game - GamesQuest

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

A card game…… unlike anything you have played before!

The base set comes with just over five hundred cards and is for 1 to 4 players. The character add on expansion pack is another 100 cards and allows up to six players. Every two months there is an expansion pack to develop adventures and scenarios, adding more monsters, weapons, spells and treasures. As you can see this is a card game, but unlike anything you have ever played before.

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game - GamesQuest

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game


Co-operative Strategy…… that will get you hooked!

It has been a few decades since I personally played a role playing game, so my interest was piqued when I heard about this game. After I played it I was hooked, I now have my own copy and several of the expansion packs which are not expensive. Pathfinder Adventure Card game is a solo or multiplayer cooperative strategy card game where players take the part of a fantasy character such as a rogue, warrior or wizard, each with varying skills and proficiencies that are represented by the cards in their deck. Your deck is also your health and if you cannot draw any cards your character dies. Yes it happens.

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Add On - GamesQuest
Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Add On

It’s a Roleplaying Game… Let’s throw some Dice!!

So we have talked about the impact about the cards, now let’s talk about the dice. Traditional role playing games revolve around the results of the dice and Pathfinder Adventure Card game is no different. Each encounter has a value, be it combat, dexterity, arcane, etc. To defeat the encounter or acquire the boon (treasure, items, weapons and so on) your champion has to roll a higher dice number dictated by his characters stats. This is further aided by revealing weapons, using spells or blessing and the assistance of allies and other adventurers to increase the number of dice you roll.

Pathfinder RPG Dice - GamesQuest

Pathfinder RPG Dice

Each Adventure has a Time Limit!!

Now here is the trick with the game, you select a deck of thirty random blessings and every time a player starts a turn, one of these cards is turned over and acts as a timer. Every adventure has to be completed in these 30 turns. So far, every adventure or scenario has locations to it, if you play solo then there will be three locations with approx 10 encounters to each location, so the odds are more in your favour. With more players comes extra locations, but the timer remains at thirty, so the bigger the party the harder it gets. The tension grows and the outcome of every turn becomes that more important.

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Add On - GamesQuest

Introducing the Villains…..The game just got Tougher!!

Ok that might seem intriguing, but there is another dimension to add to plot. After the first couple of adventures, which are to gain better weapons, spells, etc, and to get used to the combat system. Villains and henchmen are introduced into the mix. Killing the villain usually means completing the adventure, if only it was that simple. Each location can be permanently or temporally closed. The importance of this is that the Villain, even if defeated can escape to another location to fight again, if they are not permanently or temporally closed. When this happens, the more locations that are available to him, means you add random blessings to the Villain, shuffle them and place them at those locations and then shuffle them into the remaining cards of those locations. So don’t know where the villain has gone and you have added more cards to prevent you completing the adventure. Thankfully if you have other characters at the other locations they can attempt to temporally close them preventing the villain’s escape.

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Add On - GamesQuest

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Add On

Characters that keep on Getting Stronger!!

The reason you attempt all these adventures, just like in a traditional role playing game, is to develop your character. At the end of campaigns you get to level up a skill and when your character gets to a certain level he can chose a career path to journey down. So besides hunting dragons and other woeful creatures you get to enrich your character’s life with skills and equipment. Where it will end is another story….

Insomnia 50…..Telford!!

GamesQuest demonstrated Pathfinder Adventure Card Game at Insomnia 50, Telford. I demoed and played the Black Fang scenario with many parties. From groups of friends, a number of individuals and father and sons. Every party that played, enjoyed the game and as far as I know acquired a copy. In fact some parties played more than one demo, and even other demonstrators were impressed enough to make a purchase. A lot of effort has gone into making this game the complete article, the artwork and production quality is fantastic. A new genre in gaming? I would have to say a definite yes.

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Paul Matthews

Paul Matthews is a Sales Manager for Gamesquest Ltd, as well as a part-time Board game Demonstrator and Blogger. After several years playing Yu-gi-oh at Tournament level, his latest passion is all things board gaming. Besides playing board games, Paul is a part time author and enjoys reading and archery. Paul has a Degree in Humanities Psychology/Counselling and several Life-skill Degrees in Parenting, Horse Management and Ecommerce.