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Return to Hoth An Imperial Assault Expansion

It’s just over a week since GenCon 2015 drew to an end and there’s been a ton of information floating around about new and upcoming titles.

Fantasy Flight Games have been releasing shed loads of detail about the titles they announced at the show . Today I want to provide you with some of those details, specifically the Imperial Assault announcements.

First up we have a big-box expansion – Return to Hoth – that has me extremely excited; both as a Star Wars fan and as someone who loves the Imperial Assault game.

Here’s what FFG had to say about the title:

The secret Rebel base on Hoth has been discovered by the Empire. Imperial Star Destroyers blockade the planet from above and Imperial forces descend the surface, led by Darth Vader, and bringing the battle to the entrenched Rebels. As the Rebel heroes flee from the icy planet of Hoth, they have no idea that events ahead may force them to make a desperate gamble and return to the dangers of Hoth!

Return to Hoth is a new expansion for Imperial Assault, offering new content for both campaigns and skirmishes. A brand-new full-length campaign invites you to escape the aftermath of the Battle of Hoth and protect a colony of Rebel refugees from the depredations of the Empire. Meanwhile, four new skirmish missions bring your forces to the icy expanses of Hoth and new rules for four-player skirmish games invite you to experience massive, multi-fronted skirmishes with up to three opponents!

Imperial Assault Return to Hoth

So, a new campaign awaits those who venture into the Return to Hoth expansion, but what good is a new campaign without some new heroes. The base set had some cool characters, but let’s see what FFG had to say about the new heroes in Return to Hoth!

Three new heroes join the forces of the Rebel Alliance at Echo Base in the Return to Hoth expansion. You might heal your friends and protect them from the cold as the loyal medical droid, MHD-19. MHD-19 has been trained in thousands of medical procedures and will go to any lengths to protect his companions – even taking up arms against Imperial soldiers! Alternatively, you could join the Mon Cala special forces and take down your foes from afar as Loku Kanoloa, a deadly marksman. Loku Kanoloa relies on clever battlefield reconnaissance to bring down his targets, placing recon tokens and gaining a host of benefits for attacking enemies with recon tokens. Finally, you may engage in vital operations for the Rebellion as Verena Talos. This deadly operative is eager to take revenge for the destruction of Echo Base, and she’s a fearsome opponent in a campaign or a skirmish. Each of these heroes also features unique talents and abilities in their Class decks, which make playing each hero a dramatically different experience.

Imperial Assault Return to Hoth ComponentsAs you can see from the image above, the heroes aren’t alone. Included in the set we see some fun looking snow troopers, a Wampa and that terrifying tank! So, back to FFG:

The Rebellion gains access to several new heroes, but new figures are also eager to join the Imperial and Mercenaries factions. Snowtroopers  are similar to Stormtroopers, but benefit from improved surge abilities and insulated Environmental Recovery Gear that can protect them from the freezing cold of Hoth. As the Snowtroopers swarm forward on foot, you can support their attacks with the raw firepower of an SC2-M Repulsor Tank. Meanwhile, the Mercenaries of the galaxy gain some deadly new warriors and monsters. HK Assassin Droids use their advanced technology to gain the upper hand on biological targets and no creature knows the icy wastelands of Hoth as well as the Wampas.

Finally, on top of the big box expansion, we have the obligatory hero and villain packs. In this wave we see a plethora of names, but most notably we finally get to meet Leia!

Imparial Assault Hero and Villain Packs

So, here’s the full list and some more details straight from FFG.

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce four new Ally Packs and Villain Packs for Imperial Assault:

Leia Organa Ally Pack
Echo Base Troopers Ally Pack
Dengar Villain Pack
General Sorin Villain PackAs you traverse the icy wastes of Hoth in the Return to Hoth expansion for Imperial Assault, you can bring the spotlight to some of the game’s iconic characters with four new figure packs. Each of these expansions offers sculpted plastic figures to replace the tokens found in the Return to Hoth expansion, alongside new cards and missions to supplement your campaigns and skirmishes. Journey out onto the freezing plains of  Hoth and decide the fate of the Star Wars™ galaxy with these figure packs!

Well, that’s all for the Imperial Assault expansions, you can see the complete announcement for Hoth and the other packs on the FFG site.

Finally, check back again soon for more post GenCon game details!

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Tom Randell

Driven Instructional Designer by day, board game fanatic by night! Tom has a long background in eLearning design and is a strong believer that story and narrative are crucial to creating excellent learning and gaming experiences. A passionate blogger, game reviewer and play tester, he enjoys spending his time playing games of all genres.