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International Tabletop Day- For Charity!

Tabletop Day

Hello everyone!

Be you a long time reader or a new person, then welcome (or welcome back). I hope the title wasn’t too clickbait-esque for you.

You may or may not know that the last Saturday of every April has become International Tabletop Day. It was made by the web show Geek & Sundry to make people play more games. As I’m sure you can appreciate, that something I am all for.

What you likely will not know, is that on Tabletop Day 2 years ago now my wife Claire and I aimed for 9 hours of board gaming for a charity called Special Effect. We actually managed 11 hours and have the proof right here! We managed to raise a little over £150 which I was more than happy with. Even if you’re not too interested, you can follow the link if you have ever wondered what my face actually looks like!


This year we’re back with a vengeance. We’re Tabletopping Bigger, Harder, and Longer, all for the same great cause. This year we’re going for a minimum of 12 hours (that being said, I’m going to get up early and get some solo gaming on the go to try and squeeze a couple more hours in). It’s going to be a better year because now all 3 of my children can take part now, so it will definitely be a family affair this year. But, because of this, we have set the bar higher and are looking to raise a minimum of £200. As of writing this though, we’re just about halfway to that target, but I would love to smash it; King of Tokyo style.

There will be boards, cards and quite possibly blood. Actually, if I pull another awful trick to win Ticket to Ride again there definitely will be blood.

We’re raising money for Special Effect because long before we were Tabletop gamers we were video gamers and Special Effect is a charity which specializes in making gaming rigs for disabled people that would not normally be able to play. Here’s a link to some of the things they have done for people in the past. Special Effect are well represented yearly by Video Gamers for an event called Gameblast so I’m aiming to eventually try and make Tabletop Day a bigger and better thing to raise money so that they can keep doing the fantastic work that they’re already doing, and that’s where you all come in.

I need your money. Actually, for transparency, we are not taking any of the money that we raise. I’m even paying for all the snacks and drinks for all of the gamers which attend. If you can spare anything, then please follow the link below to our Just Giving page and spread the love in the spirit of Tabletop Day.

Anything you can spare is greatly appreciated and I know it will be well received. Anything from 5p to £50 will be well used and will make the difference to someone which may not have had the chance to game for themselves so far.

Big Love and Charitable Hugs for Tabletop Day

The Dunnings Family

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Chris Dunnings

I am just a regular guy that fell into board gaming. That's why I am no longer allowed in my local Toys R Us. I'm a huge fan of deckbuilding games and games with unusual themes or mechanics. OK, maybe I'm not that regular after all.

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