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Walk The Plank Board Game… Dumb Pirates!!

A Simple Game for Soothing the Nerves ….Never!

Walk the Plank is a simple card game, it will not take long to set up and play and you don’t have to think that much about what you are going to do. Because you are one of the dumbest pirates to have sailed the seven seas and now you are going to walk the plank to prove that you are not!!


Walk the Plank Board Game - GamesQuest

Walk the Plank Board Game

Blind Actions can only make you look Dumb……  Dumb and Dumber!!

So the game is all about trying to shove all the other players pirates off the plank and into Davy Jones’ Kraken. Players start off with three pirates and are on the deck of the ship with three parts of the plank leading to the Kraken. Players have a hand of ten action cards and each round secretly stack three cards from their hand.  Players then take turns revealing and playing those actions one by one no matter what’s gone before. Now most of the cards are shove the player to the right or left, but there are cards such as Charge, which means you charge one step on the plank and shove one pirate to the next plank, or hopefully off the plank. However if the only pirate left on that plank piece is your own as other players have moved the other pirates, you have to shove your own pirate further out on the plank. Other cards can have the same devastating result making you look very, very dumb.

Powerful Cards are Balanced ……The Skull says So!

Some cards bear a skull on them, such as charge and retract plank, and these powerful cards must remain on the table the round after they’re played and players can’t play those cards the following turn, the other action cards are collected and a new round is started. The Charge card is the only card that cannot be played as the first card in a players turn and is marked as such. As soon as two or fewer pirates remain on board, the game ends and the owner or owners of these pirates win!


Walk the Plank Board Game Cards - GamesQuest

Walk the Plank Board Game Cards

A Two Player Game!……No, No, No!!

Walk the Plank is a three to five player game, for this blog we tried to play it two player, don’t it is over in the blink of eye. The pieces of the game are really high quality, the deck, captain’s favour (first player marker) and the plank pieces are thick quality cardboard, the pirate pieces are made of wood and the cards shown about are nice. The game has a high quality feel to it, even the box the components come is quality.

A Light and Fun Filler….as in Victoria Sponge!!

Filler games are quick, easier games to play to ease the mood and tensions after playing a heavy conflict or brain bending game. Having said that, as in a Victoria Sponge you want the filler to have thick cream and sweet jam, you want it be memorable. As a game that is going to be a fun filler, Walk the Plank fills its role. It plays very quickly, you will laugh at some of the situations players find themselves in, especially with the fore-knowledge of the card you will be playing next.

Insomnia 50…..Telford!!

Gamesquest will be demonstrating Walk the Plank at Insomnia 50, Telford from the 29th November to the 2nd of December, so come and have a look and try the game out. If you don’t see the game out on the demo tables, ask and we will get you playing a very cool little board game. It won’t take more than twenty minutes of your time and it will put a smile on your face.

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Paul Matthews

Paul Matthews is a Sales Manager for Gamesquest Ltd, as well as a part-time Board game Demonstrator and Blogger. After several years playing Yu-gi-oh at Tournament level, his latest passion is all things board gaming. Besides playing board games, Paul is a part time author and enjoys reading and archery. Paul has a Degree in Humanities Psychology/Counselling and several Life-skill Degrees in Parenting, Horse Management and Ecommerce.



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