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Wasteland Justice – Kickstarter News Flash!

Blazing Across the Wasteland!!

‘Wasteland Justice is a fun 2-4 player vehicle combat racing game, which lasts around 25 minutes per player.’

This game looks epic! Not only do you get one awesome wasteland racer but you get to manage a whole team of them!

It’s everything you could expect from a game like this. High octane fun, mad driving, vehicle models, weapon cards, attack dice. Its not just a Wasteland Race, its a Wasteland Battle!

Wasteland Justice – A Vehicle Combat Racing Game

Wasteland Justice

Madbeard Games, 2-4 Players, 25 minutes per player. A high octane racing board game with plenty of vehicular combat!

Who Rules The Wasteland ? Whoever’s Fastest!

If you liked Mad Max then you will love this game! Set in a wasteland each player heads up a gang of racers and you field your team out on to the track to try and win the race!

Of course this is the wasteland so its not as simple as just being the fastest one around the track. There are plenty of weapon cards to outfit yourself with to attack the other players, and if they can’t drive you basically win by default right ?

This is a wonderfully designed game with some really nice touches. Wasteland Justice comes with plenty of tokens to keep track of everything happening int he race, and a custom set of dice to work well with the rules. It looks like an absolute blast to play.

The Kickstarter has some great stretches goals in mind too, included upgraded card stock and an extra set of dice, plus some of the rewards look fantastic, like the tier that lets you receive a set of hand painted vehicle models with your game. They look beautiful.

With all of this why wouldn’t you check it out !? See if you can win the race to own Wasteland Justice!

5 (100%) 3 votes
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Dan Thompson

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