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Way Of The Fighter!


What theme could be more fitting from a company like Ninja Division than a game about kicking other people around a stage? I guess a game about Ninja’s but they have already conquered that corner of the market.

Ninja Division has just launched the awesome looking Way of The Fighter on Kickstarter.

Way of The Fighter is a good old fashioned 2 player beat ’em up; just in cardboard form. I’m not trying to draw comparisons or anything but it’s eerily similar in look and tone to a late 1980’s video game *cough cough Street Fighter* but I fail to see how that’s a bad thing. There have been a lot of video game to board game crossovers of recent times and I’m pretty excited to see whether something of this genre can crossover too.


Way of The Fighter is a mixed card and dice board game where the cards are used to plan and execute your attacks (or defensive maneuvers) and the dice are used for determining attack speed and judging if your attacks are successful or whether you receive your enemy’s foot, or oversized belly in the face.

Like any other epic fighting game you get to select your character from a roster of 10 and some of them have that eerily familiar look about them. Obviously, you have your normal fighting tropes; random orphan, creepy kid, Brazilian Dancer/fighting badass, Luchador and burly fella which looks nothing at all like Zangief. Ah yes, and let’s not forget the creepy little kid which we all know is going to be super hard to beat.

Character Select

The artwork for Way of The Fighter looks to be truly something to behold as well. There is clearly some love that has been put into it and it shines through. From the assortment of cards to the actual fighter standees, nothing has been left as second rate, and everything has been subject to the same level of detail as you would hope from a company such as Ninja Division.


Card Art

That being said, if the artwork for the standees isn’t really working for you (and why on earth not?!?) you can stump up a little more of your hard earned cash and have them supplied as miniatures instead! If there’s one thing that Ninja Division can do, it’s make minatures. Personally, I am a little disappointed that none of them have that Chibi look about them, but it wouldn’t be really thematic and would end up looking a bit weird instead.

Each Way of The Fighter miniature pack costs an additional $30, but look at them… don’t they look awesome?

Turbo Mini

Super Mini

How do I pummel my friends?

Each fighter in Way of the Fighter comes with a 46 card deck. This consists of 2 copies of 6 moves which are unique to each character (personally I am really interested in having a go with Kasi. I was growing up when Papa Shango was still cool), and four technique packs which are aimed at the style of fighting that character naturally leans towards. That being said, this is probably the first place where you can mix up your game a bit as it’s not essential to keep the pre-constructed technique packs that come with the fighter… you can plagiarise any of them which come with the set and make your own Way of The Fighter fighter.

Once you have your unique cards and the technique packs that you’ve decided on, then you’re all set to start handing someone their behind.

Fight Screen

Along with your Way of the Fighter deck, you also get 2 lots of dice; power dice and core dice. All of these are rolled at the beginning of the round and used as the arena. The dice which are left over are then used to add to your attack cards to decide who attacks first and whether your attacks are successful.

Way of the Fighter is played over 12 rounds and look like they’re going to be absolutely crazy, but they also look to be well paced and flow really well.

Whilst it sounds a little complicated, I am comfortable with the fact that I am awful at explaining rules to people so, for a full breakdown on how to play Way of The Fighter, you can watch this really informative gameplay video:

You got to fight, for your right, to… decide?

I am quite looking forward to having a go with Way of The Fighter and showing my friends how it’s done. At the moment I am undecided which of the different base sets to go for… Way of the Fighter Turbo or Way of the Fighter Super. Honestly, I like some characters from both so it’ll take me time to decide which I want to go for. Maybe I could liberate some cash from somewhere and get both!

If you think Way of The Fighter could be for you I would strongly recommend you go and check out their Kickstarter campaign which can conveniently be found here:

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