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Yugioh Premium Gold Cards… Box Opening!!

Yugioh Premium Gold… Printed Money on Cards!

In all Trading Card or Collectable Card games, a particular set will come along that is going to make you money as soon as you get the box or the booster. The Gold series in Yugioh has always been something of a stigma – some people love the gold foiled cards and others won’t touch them with a barge pole. However Konami have slowly been ramping up the Gold Series, in Series 4 they included rubber playmats with artwork of Yugioh’s most famous anime Duellists and boss monsters. Then in Gold Series 5 – Haunted Mine, they included the Gold Ghost Rarity, yet the single booster packs would continue with about six gold cards and the rest would be common or common rare. 


Yugioh Premium Gold Cards Box - GamesQuest


In this new Yugioh Premium Gold series the card rarity has risen to new heights, with each single pack containing 25 cards, six of which are Secret Rare and the remainder Gold Rare. Let me tell you now, the Gold Secret is a stunning looking card. Not only are there much sort after re-issued cards in the set, but Konami have released a new synchro Monster, Beelze of the Diabolic Dragons in Secret Rare which will see use in tournament play.


 Yugioh Premium Gold Cards Opened - GamesQuest

Yugioh Premium Gold Cards Out of Box - GamesQuest


The value of Yugioh cards raises and falls daily, but the simple fact is that if you sold all the cards for a pound each, you would still make money on your purchase. So if you sold the money cards there is profit to be made for even the average Yugioh Card player. On a collector and competitive player perspective, this is still a very good set to have and the cards are amazing.

Let’s Open Those Packs… It’s Gold all the Way!!

So below is what I pulled from the each of the packs, I have taken a photo of each opening, as you will see there are some pretty amazing cards laid out, but it will give you a general idea of what you can get from each booster. After the five openings we’ll talk a bit about what you can do with the cards in the set.


 Yugioh Premium Gold Cards Opened - GamesQuest

Yugioh Premium Gold Cards Opened - GamesQuest

Yugioh Premium Gold Cards Opened - GamesQuest

Yugioh Premium Gold Cards Opened - GamesQuest

Yugioh Premium Gold Cards Opened - GamesQuest 

The Money Cards…It is What You would Look at First!

The ever flux in price of cards in Yugioh is amazing, trends and sets can make this look like folly, but here is a link for a handy site for gauging your prices. The rule I always use is, if you use ebay or some other source as your price guide, then stick to it, no matter what anyone else is valuing their cards at. The two obvious money cards are of course the Egyptian God cards and Beelze.


 Yugioh Premium Gold Money Cards - GamesQuest


In the Yugioh Premium Gold Card box opening I am very happy to have pulled two Beelze of the Diabolic Dragons, using one for tournament play and the other in my trading binder. His price on day of release was around £17.00 but after a week dived down to around the £7.00. His price is steady rising and as soon as players see him in the top tournament deck lists, I expect to him to get back to that entry price.

The Egyptian Gods…One Away from a Full Set!!

It was so annoying not to have got the set of the Egyptian God cards, as a set of three would have made them easier to move on. I already have the original set, otherwise I would have liked to have had these in my collection. Slifer the Sky Dragon entered the marketplace at the giddy price of £44, but both Gods have dropped in price but are holding their own at around the £10 mark. I expect them to rise in price, they are Secret Rare after all. The Firefirst cards will only remain in value as long as the deck sees tournament play, however tenki is useful in any beast deck. Which leaves us with three cards, Bujins are seeing top tournament play at the moment and Crane Crane would definitely bling out their deck.

Effect Veiler is a card that has seen strong competitive play since it was released, it is a card much sort after, so I think you would easily get you monies worth for this card, if you are not going to keep it. This brings us to Ghost of a Grudge, it was highly hyped as one of the cards to get out of the set, it has lost its value from day of release, but personally I believe it is a sleeper. When the Lightsworn deck starts seeing play again and pendulum summoning hits the game state, this card will raise in price.

Here are the Dragons… It is Yugioh After All!

 Yugioh Premium Gold Dragon Cards - GamesQuest


The dragon decks at the moment have been heavily nerfed, but with the Yugioh premium gold card edition getting the core of the Dragon Chaos deck was nice to have, along with the re-release of Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon. Dark Armed Dragon is sometimes the forgotten card in Yugioh, but as a boss monster in Blackwings, Zombies, Inzektors and the Tele-Dad Deck, it is always worth having a copy or two of these, especially with rumours that it might lose its limited ban status.

Cyber Dragon… Another Reprint!!

 Yugioh Premium Gold Cyber Dragon Cards - GamesQuest


Cyber Dragon has to be one of the most re-printed cards in Yugioh and we see it here again! It is nice to see Chimeratech Overdragon, especially for those that invested in the Cyber Dragon Revolution Structure Deck. Useful cards to bling out that particular deck.


Sleeper Cards….These Could be Useful in the Future!!

 Yugioh Premium Gold Sleeper Cards - GamesQuest


Besides Beelze of the Diabolic Dragons, I think the XZY-Monster Number 82 Heartlandraco, could see play as a game finisher, it is matter of seeing if you can put it in your extra deck over Gagaga Cowboy. Big Belly Knight has one of those interesting special summoning effects when it hits the graveyard as an XZY-Monsters cost. It could be handy to hold on to for the future, I mean most of the level 4 and level 3 ranked XZY Monsters have the best effects in the game.

Gimmick Puppets…The Secret is Out!!

 Yugioh Premium Gold Gimmick Puppet Cards - GamesQuest


Gimmick Puppets got a good few cards in this opening and although I haven’t been keeping tabs on this machine archetype, I have heard the rumours of an OTK deck with them. All of these cards were secret gold rare, so there is something here I may have missed.

Premium Gold….The Final Verdict!!


Yugioh Premium Gold Cards Laid Out - GamesQuest


All in all Yugioh Premium Gold Cards is super set to have, there are cards to enhance many decks that I have not talked about, such as Lightsworns, Zombies, Darkworld and Gravekeepers. Also the release of Beelze of the Diabolic and the fact that it is viable card to play at tournament levels makes the purchase worthwhile. The Secret Gold Rare is a shimmering delight with the picture and the all the borders blinged out in its secret starriness. The Egyptians God cards were also a nice edition and time will tell if there are a few hidden gems in the set.

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Paul Matthews

Paul Matthews is a Sales Manager for Gamesquest Ltd, as well as a part-time Board game Demonstrator and Blogger. After several years playing Yu-gi-oh at Tournament level, his latest passion is all things board gaming. Besides playing board games, Paul is a part time author and enjoys reading and archery. Paul has a Degree in Humanities Psychology/Counselling and several Life-skill Degrees in Parenting, Horse Management and Ecommerce.