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Zero Point Games

Cricket: The Game

Cricket: The Game

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Genre: Sport Key Mechanic: Dice Roller, Action Based Move, Drafting Play Style: Family
Play Count:
2 or 4
Play Time: Varies Age: 8+
Genre Sport
Play Count 2 or 4
Key Mechanic Dice Roller, Action Based Move, Drafting
Play Time Varies
Play Style Family


Cricket: The Game
is based on the physical sport. Each team plays an Innings, both Bowling and Batting. Bowlers select their stroke and the batter anticipates the selected bowl. If the batter is correct, they are rewarded with better odds of hitting. With exciting additional aspects such as pitch conditions, over deck cards, and dice rolls that determine the outcome of each delivery, Cricket: The Game catches the challenge, thrills, and swings of fortune that the live game provides.

Cricket: The Game has two standard game formats: T10 (shorter game) and T20 (longer game). The Board Elements provide immersive gameplay with detailed field positions and a clean layout that limits/allows fielder positioning, and the bowling team to set their field to create opportunities.

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More Info:
Publisher Zero Point Games
Release Date February 2022
Publication First Edition
Language English
Weight 650g
Dimensions 19 x 19 x 5.5cm
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