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Genre Fantasy
Play Count 1 - 4
Key Mechanic Dice Roller, Push Your Luck
Play Time 30 - 90 Minutes
Play Style Action Action Based Move
Age 14+

is a 2 - 4 player dark fantasy game from the creators of Star Realms, set in three different battlefields that represent Victorian London. It combines the best elements of a strategy card game and a tactical board game to create a whole new play experience! Spend action points and battle minions by rolling battle dice equal to their attack, damaging or destroying enemy minions, or even capturing the battlefield itself. If you capture 2 of the 3 battlefields, you win the game!

Sorcerer includes a Character Deck, a Lineage Deck, and a Domain Deck that are shuffled together to form your grimoire  (which contains your dark magic and evil minions).

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More Info:
Publisher Wise Wizard Games
Release Date 2019
Publication First Edition
Language English
Weight 2098g
Dimensions 34 x 26 x 10cm
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