Dr Finn's Line of Games 2022 Kickstarter: 5 Game Bundle Discount - PRE-ORDER

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Dr Finn’s 2022 Line of Games includes all 5 games available on the Kickstarter, at a discounted bundle price!

- The Feds wants you and your team to infiltrate the ranks of organized crime, identify the key figure heads, and break up the syndicate.

- Alpujarra is set during the great Arab Agricultural Revolution where you take on the role of a the hardworking fruit farmer, diligently working to grow your crops and deliver them to the hillside villages.

- The Little Flower Shop Dice Game has you rolling dice to arrange beautiful bouquets, and place knick-knacks, for the most appealing window display.

- Fisheries of Gloucester is set in the 19th Century New England town during the heart of the fishing industry and will have you charting a course, sailing your boats, and casting your nets.

- Dr. Finn’s Express Games Series #1 includes four separate “express games” based on all the titles from Dr. Finn’s 2022 line: The Fed, Alpujarras, The Little Flower Shop Dice Game, Fisheries of Gloucester.

What’s Included: 1 copy of each of the above titles (Please see individual listings for box contents.)

You are pre-ordering only the base games, which do not include the promotional pack offered by Dr. Finn's Games. To receive the Kickstarter promo pack for each game you must visit Dr. Finn's 2022 Line of Games Kickstarter and back at the promo pack level.  To receive the promo pack, you must do both: (1) preorder one (or more) of the Kickstarter games from this site and (2) pledge $2 to the Kickstarter campaign for each promo pack. The promotional pack is free for those who preorder the game here and the $2 pledge covers the shipping (each pack mailed separately). The promo packs are not included in the game boxes.  You receive the promo pack for the specific game(s) you pre-order for. Thus, for the bundle, you must pledge $8 to the Kickstarter campaign to receive the 4 different packs.

Player Count: 1 - 4

Play time:  5-60 Minutes

Age 14+

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