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Broken Tales - Bundle

Broken Tales - Bundle

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Genre Literature
Play Count 2 - 5
Key Mechanic Resource Management, Dice Rolling
Play Time 120+ Minutes
Play Style RPG
Age 18+


Broken Tales is a dark Tabletop RPG of upside-down fairy tales, where villains seek redemption, and nothing is how you remember it. Players belong to the Order, a secret group operating on behalf of the Papacy, whose duty is to investigate events and threats beyond human understanding. An eerie 18th century Europe becomes the background for these unusual heroes – villains from various fairytales, now acting as protagonists in the new reality shaped by the Child Saviour.

Broken Tales was fully funded in just 10 minutes on Kickstarter and created by The World Anvil – a small is a indie RPG label designing original tabletop games with a distinctly European twist. Broken Tales includes rules that allows players to create their own hunters and take a fairy tale to its breaking point, and separate rules that allow players to create their own scenarios into campaigns.

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More Info:
Publisher The World Anvil
Release Date Estimated August 2022
Publication First
Language English
Weight 1355g
Dimensions 30 x 30 x 3cm
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