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Our Distribution package is totally hassle free. 

As your fulfilment partner, we're also in a great position for distribution as we’ll already have all your packaging requirements, SKUs and stock on site, ready to ship out. 

Your product is then listed on our site for retailers to purchase. We then send out your stock and pay you 40% of the net RRP. It’s genuinely that simple. 


- 40% of net RRP (60% off) 
- Monthly Sales Reporting 
- No Storage Costs 
- Full Website Listing 
- Inclusion in Newsletter Mailout 
- Additional Marketing Output




When we say made easy, we really mean it. Our fixed rate is set to give you the most for your products. Our end of month sales reports are super easy to understand and use for future planning. 

Our website, newsletter and additional marketing provide you with a platform for retailers to learn about and purchase your products at the click of a button. 

When will distribution begin?

Distribution can begin as soon as fulfilment is complete. All the hard work has already been done and your additional stock is ready to enter the world of retail. 


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