1. Logistics Strategy

Getting the right logistics strategy in place before you launch is crucial to your success. 

Our job is ensuring that you reach the world with cost effective, customs friendly shipping and boost your sales.  One conversation and we will put you in the know! 

2. Marketing Advice

Marketing is the cornerstone of your campaign. 80% of campaigns in Kickstarter fail. Why?

With over 3,000 campaigns fulfilled via our service, we know what works and what doesn’t. As your partner, we will share our knowledge.

3. Freight

Worried about how the logistics strategy will be implemented? How to get your games from the manufacturer to the worldwide hubs or hub? Relax, we’ve got you. 

Our in house freight department will organise your shipping plan and get your games where they need to be.  

4. Fulfilment 

Pick, Pack and Post.  Should be simple however, when it comes to Crowdfunding fulfilment, it can be anything but. 

Project Management, Secure Packaging, Marketing Promotion, Communication and Customer Services are all vital components to ensure your backers get the best possible experience. All of which we provide. 

For longevity and continued success in the Crowdfunding marketplace, your reputation is crucial. You need an expert, specialised service that provides all of this. 

5. Go To Market Strategy

Crowdfunding is one avenue to market for your product. However, there are more.

Are you considering after sales following the campaign, direct to consumer, retail stores, distribution and the possibility of exposure at shows?

We can advise how our Post Fulfilment Services can help. Let your journey and success continue and we will be right there alongside you.




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