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During the great Arab Agricultural Revolution, the hardworking Berber people transformed the landscape of the Alpujarra into a world of bounty. With their innovative irrigation and terracing techniques, they brought water to the hillsides to create fertile farmlands. In this game, take on the role of a fruit farmer, diligently working to grow your crops and deliver them to the hillside villages. Life here is not easy, but with tenacity and dedication, you can live a rewarding life close to this wonderful land and all its beauty.

What's Included: 1 game board, 10 action tracks, 125 fruit tokens, 60 farmer tokens, 4 mule tokens, 15 channel tokens, 5 award tokens, 15 crop tokens, 1 die, 1 cloth bag, 60 punchboard coins, 4 reference cards, 15 water wheels, 25 delivery tokens, 1 rulebook

You are pre-ordering only the base game, which does not include the promotional pack offered by Dr. Finn's Games. To receive the Kickstarter promo pack for this game, you must visit Dr. Finn's 2022 Line of Games Kickstarter and back at the promo pack level.  To receive the promo pack, you must do both: (1) preorder the game from this site and (2) pledge $2 to the Kickstarter campaign.  The promotional pack is free for those who preorder the game here and the $2 pledge covers the shipping. Dr. Finn's Games will mail the promo pack separately.

Player Count: 1 - 4

Play time:  45-60 Minutes

Age 14+
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