Ambal Tournament: Foundation


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 Publisher: Salt Ring Games Genre: Fantasy
Play Count: 2 - 4 Play Time: 30 - 40 Minutes
Play Style: Combat / Deck Builder Age: 14+

Ambal Tournament: Foundation is a strategy card game featuring simultaneous rounds in which players go through each of the phases together, drawing cards and then battling at the same time. Combat consists of each player placing a card face down, revealing them together and resolving the effects while managing the Health and Energy board.

Set in a high fantasy spiritual world, Ambal Tournament allows players to combine unique skills from the Schools of Knowledge and create their own play style. Analyse the battle and outsmart your opponent.

Ambal Tournament: Foundation is an Expandable Card Game, with plans for new set releases in the future. There are no duplicate cards and each card has its own unique mechanics and art. High replay ability. One copy of Ambal Tournament: Foundation contains 100 cards and the necessary components for two players. In order to play with four players a second copy is needed.

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