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Genre Fantasy
Play Count 2 - 5
Key Mechanic Push Your Luck / Dexterity
Play Time 60 - 90 Minutes
Play Style 1 vs All
Age 14+

 is the award winning, fantasy, dexterity, tabletop game set in the fantasy world of Cimathue. Shoot wooden discs through dungeon rooms on a quest to defeat the Catacomb Lord. Players will take control of four Heroes - represented by wooden discs - that must fight their way through a series of rooms filled with monsters controlled by the Overseer player. Players will shoot their Heroes across the board, kill monsters and collect treasure, but beware the Overseer performs all the monster actions in retaliation. Players will need need skill and dexterity to master and survive this fast-paced game, and defeat the Catacomb Lord. 

Catacombs has won awards from BGG and Dice Tower for innovation and was recognised as Wired's and GeekDad's Board Game of the Year for 2011. This game looks attractive and feels rewarding to play, so if you have catacombs displayed it will gain attention from both families and adult groups alike.

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More Info:
Publisher Elzra Corp
Release Date 2021
Publication Third Edition
Language English
Weight 3,225g
Dimensions 32.5 x 32.5 x 8cm
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