Court Of The Dead: Mourners Call KS Edition - Spirit



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Genre: Horror, Fantasy Key Mechanic: Dungeon Crawler, Expansion Play Style: Miniatures
Play Count:
1 - 5
Play Time: Varies Age: 14+

Court of the Dead: Mourners Call KS Edition - Spirit
is an highly competitive board game that calls upon players to balance cooperative needs against their own ulterior motives. Mourners (Players) are allied with Death. They harvest souls and fight Celestials in a strategic battle to dominate the Underworld Capital city of Illriness in an attempt to restore balance between the warring factions of Heaven and Hell. Each mourner pledges allegiance to one of the 3 factions of the dead - Bone, Flesh or Spirit, and will select their Hidden Ulterior Motive.

Court of the Dead: Mourners Call perfectly incorporates several mechanics to create a thoroughly atmospheric, immersive and engaging game to the sweet, or bitter, end. In game currency is central to a clever bidding mechanic where mourners need to harmonise in order to best achieve their own objectives. The various combinations of set up cards and the bidding mechanism ensures plenty of replayability.

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 Publisher: Usaopoly Publication: Kickstarter Edition Weight: 4,350g
Release Date:
2020 Language:
English Dimensions: 37 x 36.5 x 12.5cm