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Genre Abstract
Play Count 2 - 5
Key Mechanic Take That
Play Time 20 - 50 Minutes
Play Style Family


CULTivate is a take-that, pattern building board game based on satirical cult leaders. Players will take the role as a cult leader working to fill their compound with followers who will help carry out a players agenda. But watch out! Rival cult leaders may try to sabotage or covert the followers all whilst garnering unwanted attention from pesky investigators who try to get in your way. Persuade the right followers, outwit foes, and rise above the rest. Are you ready to plot your agenda?

CULTivate is the first board game from Pops & Bejou Games and generated nearly 1400 backers! CULTivate includes: 5 Double-Sided Compound Boards, 5 Character Agenda Mats, 5 Marker Cubes, 74 Playing Cards, 91 Follower Meeples, and 1 Scorepad. Winner of best General Card Game at UKGE 2022.

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More Info:
Publisher Pops & Bejou Games
Release Date November 2021
Publication Second Edition
Language English
Weight 1050g
Dimensions 22 x 29.5 x 7cm
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