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Genre: Abstract Key Mechanic: Bluffing Play Style: Dexterity 
Play Count:
1 - 6
Play Time: 15- 30 Minutes Age: TBC

Currency Torraku
is a dexterity and bidding game for 1 to 6 players. Each player begins with 6 small metal tokens and take turns bidding on how many items they can stack, or passing, setting their predicted number of items aside creating their 'betting row'. Starting with the last player to pass, each adds an item to a communal stack until all the pieces are gone or the stack falls. If a player makes the stack fall they take the fallen items as penalty. When all players have no pieces left in their betting row the round ends. A new round commences unless any player has zero items left from their starting set. The winner is first player to run out of items completely.

Currency Torraku is the second metal currency released for the TOKYO SERIES that can act as a beautiful currency set replacement for any game, or as its own stand-alone title! Contents include: 

  • 40 white 100 yen rice cookers
  • 12 white 500 yen washing machines
  • 12 white 1,000 yen Japanese trucks
  • (place a washer in a truck bed for 5,000 yen)

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More Info:   

 Publisher: Jordan Draper Games Publication: First Edition Weight: 660g
Release Date:
2018 Language:
English/Japanese Dimensions: 10 x 16.5 x 4.5cm